The effects of violence on children

Children who are exposed to domestic violence suffer from many visible physical symptoms, such as bruises and burns, but the psychological damage lasts much longer than those bruises,[1] Domestic violence includes not only physical abuse but also verbal, emotional or sexual abuse.[2]

short-term damage

The severity of the damage that affects children varies according to several factors: such as the child’s age, gender, strength of personality, and the role of the family. Among these damages are:[2]

  • Difficulty sleeping and seeing nightmares.
  • Blame the child himself.
  • Return to early childhood habits such as bed-wetting and thumb sucking.
  • Feeling anxious or afraid.
  • Become a victim of bullying.
  • Stay away from people.
  • Show cruelty to animals and harm them.
  • Feeling of illnesses associated with anxiety such as headaches, stomach pain, and speaking difficulties such as stuttering.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse in older persons.

Long-term damage

Long-term symptoms of domestic violence are children growing up as copies of their abusive parents, behaving in bad and destructive ways as they grow up, and treating others degradingly.[2] These problems develop as the child grows up, and lead to many problems, such as:[3]

  • Behavioral, physical and psychological problems.
  • Academic failure.
  • Addiction to alcohol and drugs.
  • committing misdemeanors and crimes.
  • distrust of adults[2]
  • Increased risk of mental illness and increased risk of suicide.[2]

ways to help

Some tips can be followed to help children exposed to violence, including:[3]

  • Providing advice and assistance from mental health professionals.
  • Discuss all the situations that they might go through, and teach them ways to avoid them in the future.
  • Encourage them to express their feelings, reassure them, and make them feel safe.
  • Connect with support groups for people who have experienced violence.[1]
  • Adopting a plan prepared by a specialist in assisting child victims of violence; To find a solution to their psychological state.[1]

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The effects of violence on children

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