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Tuesday May 26, 2020

The economic war on Lebanon is as devastating as the ‘Israel’

The World – Lebanon

Member of the “Liberation and Development” bloc MP Ali Asseeran said that “the holiday of resistance and liberation remains one of the glorious festivals in this country, as the Lebanese demonstrated to the world that they are a people that wants to live in dignity and freedom, and after twenty years of liberating the south from the Israeli occupation, here is the resistance and with it the people are stronger than Anytime, her hand is on the trigger and the people build and plow their land close to the Israeli colonies. “
He continued: “On May 25 of the year 2000,” Israel “withdrew from the south and remained the Shebaa Farms, and today we maintain Lebanon and its internationally recognized borders, and this is what requires exceptional efforts from the people, as the crises abound on us, and from here we called for cohesion between the Lebanese and the preservation of unity. Patriotism, which is the basis of the great Lebanon. “
He concluded: “In this exceptional circumstance, everyone must shoulder their responsibilities. The economic war on Lebanon is no less devastating and devastating than what Israel committed, and if we want to preserve Lebanon, we must accelerate the rescue of the economy and criticism.”

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