Organizing and arranging

The most things that lead to a lack of focus during studying is the lack of organization and arrangement, as studying in an organized environment helps to increase focus and retrieve the studied information, so it is advised to be careful to arrange and clean the place to study before starting, by arranging all the details, including It contains papers, where each can be arranged according to its subject, all of which helps to organize the process of memorization and remembering in the brain.[1]

Use pictures and charts

There are many people who have the ability to save pictures with their details, where they can link the content to the pictures and thus remember what has been studied, and can also draw a layout for the main information, so that the main title is in the middle and other branches of information related to it.[1]

Repeatedly writing information

Rewriting the information over and over again facilitates the process of memorizing it more effectively, and that is not limited to writing it only once, but it must be written after memorizing it to re-memorize it, in order to facilitate its consolidation in the memory, and as a more effective way, it is recommended to re-explain what the person has studied and memorized it to someone else. , because it shows how well a person understands the material, and in this way any information that is not embedded in long-term memory is distinguished.[2]

Recording of lectures

This method is very effective for studying scientific lectures, so that the student records the lecture given by the professor, and re-listens to it at a later time, and thus the student gets all the information given, especially those that he missed in the explanation, and it can also be used to memorize a speech, and this The method is excellent for people who memorize more by listening. In addition, it is recommended to re-listen to the recording when doing other work, as this helps to consolidate the information.[3]

Other tips to improve your study level

There are many other tips that can be followed to facilitate memorization and study, including:

  • summarize paragraphs; When reading the material, paragraph by paragraph, it is desirable to understand it and to re-summarize and write it on the side of each paragraph.[2]
  • Make sure to get enough sleep, as it helps in enhancing memory.[2]
  • Study in the afternoon, many studies have shown that studying in this period is the best.[2]
  • Associate information with information and things that are familiar to the person.[2]
  • Save the article by placing it on a story sequence.[1]
  • Put the information arrange the words to a certain rhythm.[1]

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