Universities in America vary, some of which are considered somewhat difficult to study, and some are known for their ease. Learn about the easiest universities in America, their location, number of students and fees, in addition to universities that are easy for students.

Universities in the United States of America are considered among the best universities around the world, due to the great support they provide for scientific research, and the great possibilities they provide to universities in terms of financial support, teachers at a high level of science and knowledge, and great organization in their institutions.

As a result of this distinction, the acceptance rates in these universities have become low due to the increase in the number of applicants, and this has made many American students and international students want to study in Eastern European universities such as Ukraine, Chic and others.

Easiest Universities in America

Easiest Universities in America

Despite the low acceptance rates in American universities, there are some universities where acceptance rates increase, we will mention these universities as follows:

1- Eastern Oregon University

Opened in 1929, acceptance rate of 97% of students applying to this university, located in the Mountains, the oldest alumnus of this university is Leo Place.

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2- Adams State College

Located in Colorado, it has an acceptance rate of 99.9% of students applying, the tuition fee is $9,153 and for international students it is $20,169. The university was criticized for its online programs and was placed under probation in 2016.

3- Lewis Clark State College

Each year it accepts more than 3,500 students, with an acceptance rate of 97% of applicants. In 2016, only 51% of those admitted were admitted to the university, which ranks highly among Western regional colleges. Its programs include nursing, art, social justice, and education. This university is distinguished by the fact that the number of women students is much greater than the number of men.

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4- Brigham Young University

The university acceptance rate is 100%. Students of any age can apply to this university, its duration is four years, it is run by the church, and it is characterized by a happy and comfortable atmosphere.

5- University of Wyoming

It has an acceptance rate of 95%, has over 13,500 students from all states, has an average high school GPA for freshman admissions of 3.46, and is interested in athletics.

6- Kansas State University

It has an acceptance rate of 94% and is largely sports-oriented. It was ranked 4th in men’s basketball in 2017, and this university was ranked among the top 115 universities in terms of research activity.

7- Virginia State University

The acceptance rate is 94%, and it accepts twins unlike other universities with low acceptance rates. She has an active life, a band, professional training, and an impressive group of alumni who are human rights activists.

A large group of graduates have landed prestigious jobs in the NFL, and she is very interested in basketball.

8- Culinary Institute of America

Accepted 94% of applicants, offers courses in baking, cooking and pastry making, and has a campus in Singapore, from which graduate students who have had successful experiences include Jerome Bocuse and the late Anthony Bourdain.

The CIA has about 49,000 alumni, many of whom come from the Culinary Institute of America.

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9- University of Montana

One of the easiest universities in America is also the University of Montana, with an acceptance rate of 92% of applicants. This university ranks 17th in the state and fifth among public universities, and has been voted as the most picturesque campus.

10- University of Kentucky

With an acceptance rate of around 91%, the University of Kentucky is the largest college or university in the state, with 30,720 students in 2015. Students at the University of Kentucky are so good looking that Miss Kentucky 2013, 2014, 2015 attended the university.

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11- Utah State University

The university has an acceptance rate of 94% with 18,000 students living on or near campus, as it is the largest campus in Utah.

The university has an ice cream shop on campus, and it’s also got a lot of brains out. In 2013, the Nobel Prize in Economics went to University of Utah alumni.

12- Illinois State University

The acceptance rate is 89% of applicants, and the university has an outstanding academic and academic profile.

The youngest student at the university is 16 years old, and the oldest student is 81 years old. The University of Illinois welcomes native students from the state, and it also offers great admissions to international students such as India, China and many other countries.

Easiest Universities for International Students in America

Easiest Universities in America

Below we will talk about the easiest and cheapest universities for international students in the United States of America. These results are based on a lot of statistical data. Many students around the world who have completed high school and want to study in universities in the United States will rely on them.

1- University of Michigan Flint

This university focuses on the academic and professional level of students, as it offers more than 100 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various disciplines and departments.

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2- West Virginia University

It is the fifth largest community college, and the only and exclusive in West Virginia to offer bachelor’s degrees in science, business, and applied technology.

3- Boston Architectural College

It is an architectural design education institution, located in the heart of Boston, that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture and design with a focus on quality education.

4- City University of New York

The university offers distinguished academic programs in the fields of arts, liberal sciences, health sciences, business administration and aviation.

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5- Webberstate University

Located in Ogden, Utah, the school offers more than 200 certificate and bachelor’s degree programs, as well as masters in nursing, health sciences, English, education, and business administration.

6- Oklahoma State University Panhandle

It is administered by the Board of Trustees of the Colleges of Agriculture and Mechanics of Oklahoma. Bachelor’s degree is awarded in Nursing, Education, Business Administration and more.

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7- Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Located in Alpha, Oklahoma, it has two campuses, offering bachelor’s degrees in arts and sciences and a variety of other majors.

8- Cameron University

It is located in Lawton, Oklahoma. It is state-funded and offers bachelor’s degrees in more than 50 majors.

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9- The University of Texas at Brownsville

Located in Texas, it offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in education, arts, and business administration and offers outstanding professional programs that meet national and international requirements.

10- College of Staten Island – City University of New York

This college awards bachelor’s degrees in science and arts and offers 13 master’s degree programs, in addition to a doctorate in the College of Graduate Studies.

11- University of Bakeville

It is a private university that offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees through six academic departments and one medical college. There are 30 student organizations in which 2,000 students register annually.

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