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Wednesday July 15, 2020

The dismissal of all the ministers of the Tunisian Renaissance movement

The World – Tunisia

The Tunisian government presidency issued a statement saying that the traps decided to exempt “Minister of Youth and Sports Ahmed Kaaloul, Minister of Equipment Moncef al-Sliti, Minister of Local Affairs Lotfi Zaytoun, Minister of Transport and Logistics Anwar Maarouf, Minister of Health Abdel Latif Al-Makki and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Salim Shoura from Their tasks. “

The statement added that the Prime Minister decided to assign “Al-Habib Al-Kusho the functions of the Acting Minister of Health, Fadl Karim as the Acting Minister of Transport, Ghazi Al-Shawashy with the plan of the Acting Minister of Equipment, Asma Al-Suhairi with the plan of the Acting Minister of Youth and Sports, and thank Belhassen with the plan of the Minister of Local Affairs on the Act, and Lubna Al-Juraibi with the plan of the Minister of Education Acting higher. “

The Tunisian presidency had said that Tunisian Prime Minister Elias Al-Fakhfakh submitted his resignation to President Qais Saeed.

And revealed, “Mosaique FM” earlier today, that the Tunisian President has formally requested during a meeting with Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi, Secretary General of the Tunisian General Labor Union Noureddine Taboubi, and Prime Minister Elias Fakhfakh, from the latter to submit his resignation.

Qais Saeed’s request for the Prime Minister to resign comes at a time when the Tunisians are following developments in the file of suspicion of conflict of interest for traps regarding deals related to companies he owns or owns shares in its capital.

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