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The director and chairman of Samsung board stepped down

The director and chairman of Samsung board stepped down

Samsung announced the resignation of CEO and Chairman of the company Lee Sang-hoon from his position after the charges against him regarding sabotage of trade unions and labor activities were confirmed, as he was sentenced to 18 months last December.

As a result of this resignation, Samsung will appoint another person to fill the position soon, according to a Reuters report.

Among the charges Sang-hoon was tried to sabotage labor activities and the union’s role in the company and fight them, including postponing negotiations between management and workers, closing down subsidiaries dealing with unions, searching and searching for information that convinced union members to leave their position. BBC has not indicated that 25 others have been convicted of similar charges.

It is worth noting that all charges against Lee Sang-hoon were taken during his tenure as Chief Financial Officer in 2013, while he was appointed CEO and Chairman of the Board in 2018 in a move from the company to increase transparency after the resounding bribery scandal of former director Jay Y. Lee In which he provided financial sums to the government to facilitate some work, and he was sentenced to 5 years after the case.



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