very important to know The difference between uterine plug and secretionsThe mother enters the stage of labor before birth, and in the stage of labor the body prepares for the birth process. Where the cervix dilates and dilates, leading to the release of the uterine mucous plug, which is a good indicator of the development of pregnancy in mothers and the approaching process of childbirth. But in women it may be confused between the plug of the uterus and mucous secretions. What is the uterine mucous plug? And what is the concept? Uterine plug and secretions. Continue reading the article through a useful site to learn more information on this topic.

What is the uterine mucous plug?

It is a collection of mucous secretions that protect the cervical canal during pregnancy in women. The cervix secretes a thick, jelly-like fluid to keep the uterine area moist and prevent drying out. Eventually, this mucus collects and closes the cervical canal. This leads to the formation of a thick layer of mucus on the uterus, known as the uterine plug.

The function of the uterine mucous plug is that it acts as a natural protective barrier for the uterus. It prevents the entry of unwanted bacteria into the uterus and prevents the entry of any sources of infection such as bacteria and fungi that can harm the sexual health of women during pregnancy and appear during this period. The uterine plug defends against any infection that may appear in the pregnancy so that the pregnancy can pass safely.

Loss of the uterine mucous plug during pregnancy is a sign of preparation for the period of delivery. When the uterus begins to dilate in preparation for childbirth, the uterine plug empties into the vagina, and labor begins. The time varies from woman to woman between losing the uterine plug and starting labour.

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When does the uterine plug form?

The uterine mucous plug consists of secretions from glands located in the cervix, and the uterine plug and thick mucus secretions are formed when the fertilized egg is implanted in the wall of the uterus. When this occurs, the cervix becomes soft and swollen as the mucous cells begin to secrete mucus into the lumen of the cervix.

By stimulating the hormone progesterone, mucus thickens and continues to be secreted during pregnancy, and within this thick fluid are antibodies that protect the fetus from infection by bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

Before labor begins, a woman’s hormonal balance begins to change. Estrogen levels rise as the fetus grows, and as a result. The cervix gradually dilates and the uterine plug becomes thinner.

How do you know that the plug of the uterus came down?

Many women develop vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Therefore, it is difficult to know that the uterine plug has descended from the cervix, and it is difficult to tell the difference between a uterine plug and secretions. The uterine plug is usually translucent or pinkish-red, and has a thick, filamentous, jelly-like consistency, unlike usual vaginal discharge.

There are many reasons for the loss of the uterine plug during pregnancy. In most cases, the uterine plug is prolapsed due to the softening of the cervix, where the cervix softens and dilates in preparation for delivery. Which leads to the loss of the uterine mucous plug and its descent from its place and its emptying into the vagina. And the uterine plug may appear when it comes down in the form of brown or pink discharge, which you can notice after urinating on your underwear.

In some pregnant women, the mucus plug may come off after a cervical exam, or during sexual intercourse. Which may lead to relaxation of the uterine plug and its descent from its place.

The difference between uterine plug and secretions?

Uterine plug and secretions
Uterine plug and secretions

Many women suffer from vaginal discharge during pregnancy, so it is difficult to distinguish between a uterine plug and vaginal secretions, but the uterine plug is transparent or pink. It is thick, stringy or gelatinous, unlike the usual vaginal secretions.

On the other hand, there is a difference between the uterine plug and the secretions. There are normal, odorless, white vaginal secretions that occur before pregnancy and are called white secretions. It occurs as a result of increased production of estrogen, which is one of the female hormones, and one of the differences between the uterine plug and secretions is that vaginal secretions occur as a result of the blood flow to the vagina. These secretions are produced from substances found in the walls of the vagina. The uterine plug consists of glands located in the cervix.

Because it is difficult to tell the difference between a uterine plug and normal vaginal discharge, it is best to consult an obstetrician and gynecologist for an evaluation of you and your baby. If the secretions are watery, pink, or red, consult your doctor. Because it may indicate premature birth.

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What is the shape of the uterine mucous plug?

The uterine mucus plug is a thick, gelatinous mucous secretion that comes out of the vagina. The uterine plug is white, red, or brown during pregnancy. Sometimes the uterine plug may be pink as a result of a ruptured blood vessel while the mucous plug is descending.

The difference between the uterine plug and the secretions is that many women experience a normal white mucus secretion during pregnancy called leukorrhea. Which is caused by the increased mucus that builds up inside the cervix due to the high levels of estrogen hormone during pregnancy.

When can go to the hospital when the uterine plug is lost?

Many pregnant women wonder about this, as going to the hospital when the mucous plug is lost depends only on the type of condition. Sometimes you don’t need to go to the hospital and sometimes you need to go to the hospital, if you have the following symptoms:

  • If the uterine plug is lost before the end of the 36th week of pregnancy, you should contact your doctor directly and tell him or her about it. And if there is a concern that it is still too early for the uterine plug to come off during pregnancy. The doctor will perform an examination and evaluation of the vital signs of the fetus and the mother.
  • If your mucus plug has come off after 37 weeks, and you don’t have any symptoms to worry about. The loss of the mucus plug is not necessarily a cause for concern, and it could be a sign that your delivery is imminent. This is normal because the contractions become more regular and close together. If the uterine plug and mucous secretions continue to drop, there is no need to worry.

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What are the sure signs of childbirth?

Definite signs of childbirth
Definite signs of childbirth

There are signs that indicate that a definite birth is imminent, especially for women who give birth for the first time, i.e. a virgin, and these signs include:

  • Contractions. These contractions occur regularly, painfully, and at regular intervals. At first it repeats more or less every 20 minutes and with time the time between contractions decreases, becoming more painful and intense.
  • A pregnant woman will notice that the gestational sac is broken when she goes to the bathroom and you will notice leakage of fluid like urine but it is clearer and more opaque. Which may have some uncontrollable white features in the urine.
  • Descent of the uterine plug and mucous secretions. As the loss of the uterine plug and its descent is an indication that the birth process is approaching and entering the stage of labor.
  • Dilatation of the cervix, which is one of the sure signs of childbirth, and the dilation increases with the approach of childbirth. And this stretching can only be noticed through an examination of the vagina by an obstetrician or midwife. The cervix needs to be dilated by 10 cm in order for the baby to pass during delivery.


At the end of the article, we hope to benefit from information about The difference between uterine plug and secretions. As it turns out, the uterine plug is a protective barrier that protects the uterus from entering bacteria or getting infected. So if you are pregnant and you notice a mucus secretion, this mucus secretion can be an indication that the uterine plug has come off and the due date of delivery is approaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the descent of the womb plug prevents prayer?

It is not obligatory for a woman to pray after the mucous plug of the uterus has fallen off and the symptoms of childbirth appear, because the blood and water that comes down during childbirth are among the rulings on postpartum bleeding.

Is it possible to give birth without divorce?

Yes, although labor is an indication of the approaching birth, some births may occur without divorce. Some signs that indicate the date of birth are approaching:
(1) Pregnant woman feels double tired and increased desire to sleep.
(2) Vaginal secretions change, and the pregnant woman notices thick and sticky pink secretions.
(3) dilation and dilation of the cervix, and increased secretion of hormones that help soften the cervix to facilitate childbirth.
(4) Watery discharge from the vagina or the so-called head water, and these symptoms are one of the specific signs of labor and approaching delivery.

What are the signs of postpartum purity?

During the examination of the cloth, the blood and secretions are permanently stopped. In this test, while squatting, a woman passes a clean piece of cloth or cotton through the first opening of the vagina to check for blood loss or something else such as yellow or brown discharge and other discharge related to the postpartum and menstrual cycle, and if the cotton remains clean, it is a sign of Purification of postpartum.

When does a woman return to normal after giving birth?

A woman’s body needs at least six weeks to regain strength after giving birth, a period called the puerperium, and it is important to take good care of it. This is the period during which a woman is expected to experience a little discomfort, even pain. But with special attention and attention to detail, this period passes in peace and the new period can be celebrated in peace and comfort.