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Monday September 28, 2020

The difference between the original and pirated Windows 10

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In the history of Windows 10 and the history of generally paid operating systems or applications. You always find the application or system at their own price. Then you will find that the application or the system has issued what is called a crack, and this is for obtaining the activation of the application or the paid system for free. And the types of cracks spread, how to install them, and many things like this. But what is the difference between the original Windows. And pirated windows. Or in colloquial dialect of malicious Windows. This is what we will discuss in this article

Why is Windows paid?

Why is Windows paid? Because it is a service you are getting. Windows is not just an interface to deal with, but rather a large group of applications and a large group of commands and files that work together to provide a good computer experience. This is not free. This is at least a job that needs to be paid for. Apart from that, Windows 10 is not originally paid. It can be downloaded for free and there is no need to purchase it. But to get all the features of Windows, you must purchase the system. But download the system and use it. This is completely free

Difference between original and pirated Windows 10 1

Why is Windows 10 free?

In 2019, Microsoft made downloading the system from its official website completely free. No need to buy. It also made you able to use it completely without the need to activate it. And this is before Microsoft announced that it will stop support for Windows 7. This is because Microsoft plans to convert all users of the world to use Windows 10 permanently. At the same time, you don’t want users to feel that they need to purchase the new version. From the system to use it. Microsoft will lose nothing with this decision

Features of original Windows 10

To get to the full comparison we must think. What is the advantage of the original version? And why buy it instead of downloading its crack and get rid of any problems you may face and get all the features of Windows 10. I will start by mentioning the reasons why you should buy Windows

The difference between the original and pirated Windows 10 version 2

Reasons to buy Windows

  • The Retail version of Windows is linked to your account and thus you can activate any Windows device through a Microsoft account (of course based on the conditions of the version and the number of devices you work on)
  • Buying the copy is completely legal and does not violate any rules or laws
  • Buying the copy makes the device always connected to Microsoft’s servers, so if any files are missing from the system, they are automatically downloaded
  • You don’t have an issue with important system updates
  • No fear for the safety of your files for official activation
  • Windows security system works fully with its efficiency

Drawbacks of pirated activation

  • The crack file itself might be infected with the ransomware and your files are all encrypted
  • The system will not be able to automatically recover any files deleted by mistake, and you will encounter system problems because of that
  • There might be problems installing system updates afterward
  • Pirated activation alone may stop suddenly which affects your use of the system
  • Windows protection system will not work properly. You will need another security application
  • Pirated activations are against the law and are illegal

Activating Windows 10 is expensive, what should I do?

The difference between the original and pirated Windows 10 version 3

Well, if you own a personal device and need only one activation for your device, there is a very simple solution. The activation is sold on the Microsoft website called Retail Activation. This is an activation that you can remove from the device and install it on another device and so on. And there are activations that can be installed on more than one device as well, but they are expensive, exceeding the $ 100 barrier. But the activations that exist in the devices, such as buying an activated Windows laptop, are called the OEM activations, and they are fixed and linked to the device. And much cheaper. So why not buy OEM activation?

There are many sites that sell these OEM activations cheaply. For example, you can only buy Windows 10 Pro activation for $ 15. I am using Windows 10 Home and to update it to Pro, the update is $ 100 from the Microsoft Store. So buy OEM activation much easier and cheaper. And I will leave you some links to sites that you can buy activation from at a cheaper price

Purchase Windows 10 OEM activation

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