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Monday March 1, 2021

The Dialogue Committee between Bkerke and Hezbollah will meet soon: The Patriarch is besieging Baabda!

World – Lebanon

Before the Patriarch Al-Rahi, no one had ever agreed to be a spearhead in the face of the first Christian position, at least forty years ago. Nevertheless, the Aounists and Hezbollah knew how to absorb the situation, preventing the March 14 forces from continuing to exploit the Bkerke site to implement their agenda.

The Bkirki rally on Saturday appeared to be an attempt to revive March 14th. The main goal is to confront Michel Aoun on the Christian scene, in an attempt to depict his representation of Christians. These attempts are not new. But what is new, which amounts to a precedent, is that the Maronite Patriarchate appeared to be a spearhead in the face of the Presidency of the Republic. The Maronite Patriarchate has always been the guardian of the presidency, even when it has not met with it in the situation. Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir was a good example of this. Despite the great disagreement with former President Emile Lahoud, he stood in an impregnable dam against any attempt to topple him, even at the height of the rise of the March 14 forces.

The talk of an attempt to implicate Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai in the conflict is not accurate. Al-Ra’i voluntarily, and in coordination with an Arab axis hostile to half the Lebanese, agreed to play this role. He did not object to describing a large group of Lebanese as terrorists. He did not move when he heard one of the young men he met saying that the president of the republic was a terrorist.

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The Shepherd was high with the “15 thousand” who went out with “their hearts full of hope, courage and hope,” as he said, and they beat him as leader of what remained of “March 14th”. But time is not the time of 2005, nor are the balances the same. Therefore, the effect of Bkerke’s words about the international conference will not differ much from the effect of talk about neutrality. In both cases, a national consensus is required, and the sponsor realizes that it is not available. However, the content of the speech is not important. The symbolism of the encounter is important. The context of events confirms that the effects of the Bkerkei effect ended the following day. Three parties contributed to this: the president of the republic, Hezbollah, and the sponsor himself.

The Aounist speech seemed restrained and was not drawn into an argument with Bkerke. On the contrary, the Aounists suggested from before the festival until yesterday that the Patriarch was reading from the book of Al-Tayyar. They also expressed their openness to “discussing any proposal on the part of the sponsor based on the sincere common endeavor to protect Lebanon.” As for Hezbollah, it realizes that in order to target the President of the Republic and the Free Patriotic Movement in the Christian street, it is sometimes targeted directly, and at other times the weapon of the resistance to hold it responsible for the financial and economic crisis, and to tell the Christians that the movement’s ally is responsible for your suffering.

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MP Hassan Fadlallah said that “these people used Bkerke to assail her in order to attack the President of the Republic and Hezbollah, but such an attack will not lead them to achieve their goals.” However, he pointed out that “our policy is not based on boycotting as a result of the difference of opinion. We are the people of dialogue, meeting and reaching national understandings. This is the basis for solving internal problems and not calling for other countries to intervene. The Lebanese.

The third person who thwarted the effects of the Bkerke meeting was the sponsor himself. The information indicates that in a television interview broadcast today, he will seek to correct his position, especially in terms of confirming the neutrality of the Presidency of the Republic from any conflict, especially since in his speech he never mentioned the President of the Republic, while holding Hezbollah extensively responsible.

However, the lines of communication between Bkerke and Hezbollah have not been severed. Fadlallah revealed that the dialogue committee between the two parties had contacted two days ago to study the possibility of resuming direct meetings while taking the necessary precautions from Corona. While the information confirmed that a meeting might soon be held by the committee, Fadlallah said that in light of the committee’s discussions, a meeting with the Patriarch could be held.

Al-Akhbar learned that the contact took place between the two committee members, Muhammad Al-Khansa, and Prince Harith Shihab. It was also revealed that MP Farid Al-Khazen conveyed messages between the sponsor and the party, related to mutual clarifications. The Maronite Patriarch did not demand internationalization in the sense of going to the Security Council and using the force of arms, nor did Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah mean Al-Ra’i when he said, “No one jokes with us about the issue of internationalization, and any talk about an international resolution under Chapter Seven is rejected and surprising, and is considered a call to war and a cover for a new occupation.” Likewise, the visit of the Director General of Public Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim Bkerke, carried something that would contribute to calming the atmosphere »between the party and the sponsor.

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