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Tuesday June 22, 2021

The death penalty for an Iraqi in Egypt for his involvement in the murder of his wife

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The court sentenced the defendants, Ahmed Reda Al-Shahat, and the husband, Hussein Muhammad Abdullah, to death, after they were convicted of killing Iman Adel, the wife of the second defendant, in the village of Mit Antar, in the Talkha Center in Dakahlia Governorate last year..

The judge said, “This crime hurt the hearts of the Egyptians,” and the crime of attempted rape and murder of the victim was an agreement between the accused, and the unemployed person wore women’s clothes to complete his crime..

The horrific crime occurred in June of last year, as the dead man’s husband admitted that he had agreed with an unemployed person to rape, photograph and expose his wife, so that he could separate from her and marry another without receiving her legal and financial dues..

The husband admitted that he made it easy for the unemployed person to enter the marital home to carry out his crime, but the wife defended her honor, so the unemployed man had to kill her so that his matter would not be exposed..

Ahmed Adel, the brother of the dead man, Iman Adel, revealed in previous statements to Al-Arabiya that his Iraqi son-in-law married his sister after many mediations and interventions from senior figures in their village, Mit Antar, in Talkha city in Dakahlia Governorate, to which the Iraqi family migrated and settled, adding that his sister agreed To marry him after much hesitation.

Adel said that differences arose between the two parties immediately after the marriage due to different temperaments and behaviors, but his sister was bearing what she was going through in her desire to preserve her married life, and her baby Ali, who was 9 months old, noting that during the last dispute and after the announcement The husband wanted to marry another woman, the family asked his sister to leave her house and stay with them until the situation calms down, but she refused and confirmed that she would contain the differences and return the water to the flow between her and her husband..

He stated that he received a call on the day of the accident that his sister was found dead by hanging in her house, pointing out that after obtaining the Public Prosecution’s permission to burial, her body was buried in a mass funeral in which thousands of villagers participated, and her husband, who no one knew was behind the crime..

The security forces’ inspection of the apartment, the crime scene, revealed the presence of bruises on the neck and face of the victim, and a piece of cloth with a strange substance on it, in addition to the presence of some hairs on her nails, and also revealed that the victim was hanged by a bathrobe tie..

After examining the apartment, it was found that there was no broken door, which means that the killer, Ahmed Reda, entered the apartment with an artificial key, or that the dead woman opened for him, and by asking the husband, he denied the existence of another copy of the apartment key with anyone..

Unloading of surveillance cameras installed in shops adjacent to the house revealed that a veiled woman was the last to enter the property in which the apartment is located, and it was confirmed by the security men that the killer was a man who disguised himself by wearing a niqab so that he could enter the apartment..

A security source revealed that by monitoring the husband’s recent communications, his involvement in the crime was confirmed, and by intensifying investigations, it appeared that the killer was working in a clothing store owned by the husband, and by tightening the screws on them, they confessed to committing the crime and gave details of the incident..

The crime shocked the Egyptians, as the pioneers of the communication sites launched a hashtag under the title “We want the right of a just faith,” while others launched a hashtag titled “Execution of Iman Adel’s husband,” demanding a just and swift retribution for her..

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