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Thursday January 14, 2021

The death of Ould Abrid El-Layl … is one of the most famous leaders in the history of political movements in Mauritania

The World – Mauritania

In the mourning exhibition “Abrid Al-Layl” whose full name is Mohamed Yadhih Ould Abrid El-Layl, she stated that the deceased was “one of the most famous leaders in the history of political movements in Mauritania, and he was in the position of the historical leader of the Baathist movement in the country.”

Ould Abrid Elil graduated from French universities. It was reported that “Abraid Al-Layl” suffered from prison experience several times at the beginning of his political career, and that he held “many official positions, the most famous of which was the Ministry of Information at the beginning of the military rule after the 1978 coup, then Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the beginning of the rule of President Mohamed Khouneh Ould Haydala, Before he was imprisoned after the coup attempt on 16 March 1982 with the leaders of the Baathist movement. “

His biography states that he was “released from prison under a presidential pardon following the 1984 coup and the arrival of President Muawiya Ould Sid Ahmed Taya to power, and he worked as an official in the permanent secretariat of the Military Commission, but he was soon arrested again in 1988 with activists in the Baathist movement, and he was released after the announcement of political pluralism.” 1991. “

In addition, “Ould Abrid El-Layl was famous for his political writings in the French language, which was translated into Arabic, and it sparked a lot of interaction in the Mauritanian political arena.”

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