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Wednesday September 30, 2020

The death of 3 cases brings the Corona deaths in Syria to 200

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And the Syrian Ministry of Health indicated that the death of 3 cases of recorded infections with the Coronavirus has brought the number of deaths to 200.

The Ministry confirmed the recovery of 15 cases of registered infections with the Coronavirus, bringing the number of recoveries to 1103.

And the Syrian Ministry of Health indicated that 52 new cases of Coronavirus were recorded, bringing the number of recorded infections in Syria to 4,200.

The distribution of injuries, recoveries and deaths recorded today, Wednesday, September 30, 2020, according to the Ministry of Health, was as follows:

= Injuries:
19 in the countryside of Damascus
14 in Homs
7 in Aleppo
6 in Damascus
6 in Tartous

= Death cases:
1 in Damascus
1 in Aleppo
1 in Hama

= Cases of recovery:
4 in Homs
4 in Damascus
3 in Aleppo
2 in Tartous
2 in Lattakia

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