Technological development in hospitals

Modern technology has been applied in medical equipment, radiology, and operating rooms, all of which have helped reduce doctors’ errors, in addition to using smart phones to monitor weight and health easily.[١]


Technology has developed teaching skills and facilitated the educational process through the use of computers and smart devices.[١]


Modern technology has improved the means and tools of communication, including: mobile phones that enable communication with relatives abroad, e-mail, instant messaging applications, and applications for social networking sites.[١]

means of comfort

Various and useful amenities have been invented that facilitate daily and household chores, and transportation, such as: television, radio, vehicles, and machines.[٢]

Among the other advantages of the evolution of the lifestyle:[١]

  • Ease of obtaining information.
  • Comfortable travel.


Environmental Pollution

The development of technology and machinery has led to environmental pollution, due to smog, and factory chemicals that pollute water.[٢]

Disease increase

Development in various aspects of life has led to an increase in some respiratory diseases, due to machines and means of transportation that pollute the environment, and development has led to an increase in excessive weight (obesity) in a large number of people, which leads to various other diseases such as: diabetes, heart disease. And cancer of all kinds, hereditary skin diseases, allergies, and asthma. As for mental illnesses, the evolution of lifestyle has led to an increase in stress, depression, and isolation.[٣]

dispense with human power

The development of machines and computers has led to some people losing their jobs, because machines perform tasks faster and easier than human forces.[١]

increased wars

The development of technology is one of the reasons that led to the increase in wars and disputes due to the use of advanced weapons and weapons of global destruction.[١]


Technology has led to laziness, forgetfulness and increasing due to the reliance on the Internet and the computer to search for information and data faster and easier, leaving behind the old ways of studying and research.[١]

Among the downsides to the development of the lifestyle also:[١]

  • Increased loneliness with the use of modern technology and social isolation.
  • The increasing dependence on modern tools and applications.
  • Fraud and fraud increasing.
  • Not sensing spiritual values.[٢]

the reviewer

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The consequences of the evolution of lifestyle