The concept of social service

The vast majority of those interested in the field of social work agree that it still suffers from some ambiguity in its concepts and in the terminology it uses. A specialized profession with science and art, i.e. that relies on the scientific method in its performance and professional skill in practice, with the aim of helping people as individuals, groups or societies.

The goal of social work as a specialized profession is to make people happy and achieve their well-being, and when social systems fail to satisfy people’s needs, social work intervenes to help these systems perform their functions. As for the method, it follows specific and effective methods to achieve its desired goals. Personal preparation and on-the-job training.

Social service has a set of values, based on respecting the human being, preserving his dignity and humanity, maintaining the confidentiality of information related to the situation, and ensuring the freedom of the person to choose what pleases himself according to his beliefs. Performing its role towards the individual, group or society, and in conducting social research, this method is based on determining the situation or the nature of the problem, building logical assumptions, collecting data, and drawing conclusions.

The client is the focus of social service, and he may be an individual, a group, or a society. As for the social worker, he is the person who specializes in this profession or who practices it. He has been prepared theoretically and practically to practice this profession, and social service can only be provided through a social institution in which the social worker works. It has the material and moral capabilities necessary to solve the client’s problem, and the client is the focus of social service, and he may be an individual, a group or a society, while the social worker is the person who specializes in this profession or who practices it.

social service methods

Individual service method

It is the first method that appeared in social service and the mother method because it deals with the individual and the family, so that a very large number of social workers working in various fields of social work employs and uses it, and the emergence of this method dates back to the beginning of the current century, specifically in 1917.

It is the second method of social service that is practiced in residential, day, educational, cultural, social and recreational institutions. This method includes information about the individual’s relationship with the group, and the individual’s impact on the group. Available from a practicing social worker.

It is the third method of social service. This method believes in bringing about the intended change to improve the conditions of societies, raise the social and economic level in them, and contribute to making changes.

The concept of social service

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