The concept of global warming

Global warming is the rise in air temperatures near the surface of the Earth during a period of time ranging from one hundred to two hundred years, and scientists have studied various weather and climatic phenomena such as: the chemical composition of the atmosphere, temperatures, ocean currents, precipitation, and storms, and these indicated Studies indicate that the Earth’s climate has changed since the beginning of the industrial revolution as a result of various human activities. Scientists expect an increase in average temperatures ranging between 0.3 and 5.4 degrees Celsius at the end of the twenty-first century; Due to greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of industrial pollutants.[1]

How does global warming happen?

Air pollutants, carbon dioxide, and greenhouse gases rise and collect in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight returning from the surface of the earth, and while the rays later ascend into space, the pollutants remain in the atmosphere for centuries, and work to raise temperatures on the surface of the earth.[2]

Effects of global warming

The rise in global temperatures is accompanied by many effects, the most important of which are the following:[3]

  • Hot and Dry Climate: Global warming is making dry areas drier; Because of the increase in the amount of water evaporated from the soil, and the rate of rainfall will decrease due to higher temperatures.
  • Ice melting: Rising temperatures have led to faster melting of glaciers and sea ice, and this may be accompanied in the future by human losses due to ice burial or the destruction of ice dams.
  • Ocean Acidification: This increase in acidity leads to diminished skeletons, calcium carbonate scales that many organisms such as corals and oysters depend on for survival.
  • Harsh climate: the rate of water evaporation from the oceans increases due to rising temperatures, which leads to an increase in hurricanes that cause storms, and global warming may lead to severe snowstorms.

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The concept of global warming

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