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Monday September 28, 2020

The completion of the Iranian-Iraqi-Russian-Syrian meeting and the failure of the American alliance

World – Reporters

Confirming this, a high-level Iranian military delegation, headed by the assistant chief of the Iranian general staff, Major General Qadeer Nizami, arrived in the capital, Baghdad, to participate in the meeting of the Quartet to combat terrorism alongside Russia, Iraq and Syria, which confirmed that the quartet has played a pivotal role in defeating terrorism in the region. .

The meeting called for intensifying the intelligence effort among the member countries, while the American-Western coalition against terrorism was described as showy and unreal.

Assistant Chief of the Iranian General Staff, Major General Qadeer Nizami, met with the Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army, Abd al-Amir Yar Allah, and discussed with him ways to strengthen military and security relations between the two countries.

The Iranian delegation also met with Iraqi Defense Minister Jumah Inad, who indicated the great role that the Islamic Republic of Iran had played in supporting Iraq in the war against terrorism.

The Iranian, Russian, Iraqi, and Syrian quartet has succeeded in striking terrorist groups and killing more than 20 thousand terrorists, according to official statistics, and it is still working very effectively to ensure that terrorism does not return to the region.

Details in the attached video …

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