Collapse Building in Neighborhood Waili Center Cairo, collapsed drug completely dawn day Friday in Neighborhood Waili Center city Cairo, while long avalanche parts simple From two drugs others adjoining for him.

Collapse Building in Neighborhood Waili Center Cairo

make forces protection civil efforts big to raise rubble and search About victims under rubble, as stated responsible Egypt Thin, And he said vice governor Cairo lbrahim slave The guider, that real estate number One in lane Hussein Shaheen when Cross Street Develop Sinai in Center city Cairo collapsed completely Dawn.

that witnesses the eye they reported with family made up From kinship 6 People under rubble and running search about them, explained that real estate collapsed component From floor ground and five Floors and he From buildings Old maqam on me walls pregnant.

was resolution may be chesteviction and restoration From the new, But Owner Building did not Implement the decision Than result about him its collapse Building in full, pointed to me that real estate collapsed it causes in Collapse parts From two drugs adjoining for him, and decide evacuating them until preview experts technicians and report Preserve their fate on me souls population.

And from his side lose governor Cairo Khaled slave high Site real estate collapsed, and ordered form A committee Artistic geometric to stand on me Reasons collapse, and checkcondition Real estate Neighboring, as such took over Prosecution the public Investigation in the incident.

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Number victims Collapse Building in Neighborhood Waili Center Cairo

I pulled out forces Rescue wild Affiliate for protection Civil and Civil defense, three victims other, From lowest rubble the home collapsed in region Waily, and took them carsambulance to the hospital, to rise Number Victims to me six People, and left victim one Complete search about her.

Tcentering 5 cars first aid around real estate collapsed, in lane Hussein Shaheen, intersect Street Develop Sinai with Street Sheikh moon in Al-Zaher area in my neighborhood Waily, in anticipation to find About survivors From lowest real estate collapsed .

And she was room Processes central may be received a report collapse drug component From ground and five Floors, and on the spot It was completed to cut The facilities About real estate collapsed,and evacuation Real estate Neighboring for him Evacuate precautionary until an end preview The Commission engineering and raise rubble .

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In conclusion, we have got to know the news Collapse Building in Neighborhood Waili Center CairoAnd we showed you the most important details and news that is still searching for the last victim, and we narrated to you the speech of the Deputy Governor of Cairo about the painful incident that occurred in the past few hours.