Nantes City

Nantes is one of the cities in western France, with a population of about 291,604 people, according to 2012 statistics, while its area is about 65.19 km². The city is located on the Loire River at the beginning of the downstream region at the Atlantic Ocean. Two tributaries of the river pass inside the city; They are: El Ardère in the north, and Sèvres Nantes in the south. The city of Nantes is 342 km southwest of the capital, Paris. The city is the center of the Loire region, and the capital of the Pays de la Loire region. .

History of Nantes

The construction of the city of Nantes dates back to the people of Gaul, but in the year 851 AD, it was invaded by the king of Brittany, and it became the capital of Brittany during the medieval period. The city, and at the end of the fifteenth century AD, the city was invaded by the French King Francois I, who later married Anne of Brittany, and was then the last heir to the last Duke of Brittany, and thus Brittany was attached to France during the rule of this king at the beginning of the sixteenth century AD.

Following the foregoing, the city’s port developed, especially in the wine trade, the import of salt, and cod fish, in addition to the slave trade that was very prevalent in the city of Nantes in particular in France. Among the important historical events that passed through the city: King Henry IV of France issued a decree In the city’s castle, the Protestant community was granted limited religious freedom, in addition to the city’s support for the French Revolution, and its success during the Battle of Nantes thwarted all attempts to control it.

Nantes city landmarks

Harden de Plante Botanical Garden

The Harden de Plante Botanical Garden is a spacious garden characterized by its green spaces, and includes plants of various types and shapes, designed in a bird-like shape in a distinctive and amazing way.

sea ​​world swing

The Sea World Swing is an idea based on designing the shapes of marine animals as a work of art close to the imagination on an area of ​​three floors, and on the top floor there are forms of fish animals, seahorses, and snakes as well, as they float on the surface of the sea, and the visitor can ride these animals; Like an amusement park, but he will feel something strange and different, as if, for example, he is in the heart of a fantasy scene that talks about the sea world. As for the second and third floor, where the supposed sea depth, there are huge fish and strange sea animals, and the visitor can also move these animals or shapes, And riding on it, the cost of this project amounted to ten million euros, and the unique artistic project is witnessing development that continues until 2018.

Nantes city in France

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