The city of Nador in Morocco

The Moroccan city of Nador or the city of Nador is a coastal city that is considered the capital of the province of Nador, which is part of the eastern side of Morocco, and is considered one of the most important and richest Moroccan cities in terms of the volume of money balances in banks, and most of the economic movement in the city comes from various trade activities, In addition to the large remittances of the city’s residents, which come from residents of European countries, the most prominent of these countries are: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, as well as France in addition to the United Kingdom, and in this article we will talk about the city of Nador in Morocco.

Nador city economy

Although the city is rich in financial and economic terms, it suffers from a great lack of infrastructure in a way that is absolutely not commensurate with the wealth of its economy, and was classified in 2007 as the richest Moroccan city in terms of income, in addition to being considered one of the most important industrial cities that contain on a set of labs; The most important of them are: steel factories, cement factories, as well as wages, in addition to iron factories. The city also includes a port in the city of Bani Nassar, and two international airports that contribute to the development of its economy significantly.

Transportation in Nador

This city contains a road station linking the city of Nador with the various regions of Morocco. It also includes a special station for large taxis. It is located near the bus station, which connects the region to the national road network, in addition to two specialized railway stations that opened in July of 2009, and that under the auspices of the King of the country, Mohammed VI; They are: the Nador station in the city, as well as the Nador South station.

The city also contains an international airport located in the city of Al-Aroui, as well as a port in the city of Bani Nassar. A large port is planned to be built near Wadi Kert, where it will be devoted to international trade. The city also contains two urban transport companies used by buses; They are: Nador Bus Transport Company, and Nador Transport, with a group of about twenty-two lines.

Nador city at the moment

The late King Mohammed V named this city on his first visit as the City of Light, but at the present time it has become the city of darkness. The reason for this is due to the spread of street vendors in its streets, in addition to the fragility of the existing infrastructure, where chaos prevails, and mega projects have not been able to emerge as planned.

The city of Nador in Morocco

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