The cause of the illness of Maram Al Balushiwhere the able Kuwaiti artist Maram Al Balushi suffered from a health problem a few days ago, and her healthy life is still unstable, so that we can learn together about the most general details of her healthy life.

The cause of the illness of Maram Al Balushi

The Kuwaiti artist, Hind Al-Balushi, published a picture of her sister Maram in a hospital in the State of Kuwait, which caused a state of fear and anxiety over the audience of the famous Kuwaiti artist, raising questions about the cause of the malaise.

Especially since it is not the first time that Maram Al Balushi has worried her fans, as it was after she suffered a heart attack due to elevated heart enzymes while filming the series “The Angel of Mercy”.

Expressing her annoyance about the matter, she said: “I am now returning to my home, but what happened to me exactly is pneumonia, then it became a lack of oxygen, then a blockage in the arteries, then a stroke, and thank God I came back well.” Maram Al Balushi added in her response to the rumors of her death: “Of course. Wade was upset by the news of my death that spread, but, thank God, the rumor becomes a rumor, and I consider it a long life according to what they say.

She added: “And I have anger, so we confirm the news first. They spread rumors that they are dying and so and so are released. I decided to go out in the midst of my fatigue because no one invents news. I bring my things back to my home safely, and may God heal all the sick. The news is for those who have sensitivity. Like me, kill me.”

So far, Hind Al Balushi has not revealed the cause of her sister’s recent illness and required her to stay in the hospital, linking the matter to the surgery she underwent after she had a heart attack in 2019 AD and underwent a catheterization operation and the installation of a stent in the heart.

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Media Mai Al-Aidan reveals developments in the health condition of Maram Al-Balushi
Media Mai Al-Aidan reveals developments in the health condition of Maram Al-Balushi

The media, Mai Al-Aidan, revealed the developments in the health of the artist, Maram Al-Balushi, and published, through her personal account on the Instagram platform, a video clip that revealed the Kuwaiti artist’s exit from the intensive care room.

May Al-Aidan wrote on her personal account: “Praise be to God for him, and the grace of Maram Al Balushi was discharged from the intensive care unit, and she was transferred to the room.

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Touching video of Hind and Maram Al Balushi

The video that Mai Al-Aidan published included a touching video clip of the artist Hind Al-Balushi with her sister Maram, where the first appeared as she hugged her tightly and her eyes were teary, expressing her joy at her sister’s exit from the intensive care room, which she moved to this morning.

Hind Al Balushi said to her sister Maram: “Praise be to God, Lord, may God restore health to you, my love.” Hind Al Balushi had asked the public to pray for her after her health deteriorated today and transferred her to the hospital, without revealing the details of her health crisis or developments in her condition.

Al-Balushi only published a video clip of her sister Maram from inside the hospital’s intensive care room via the snapchat platform, in which she appeared completely unconscious, and lay on the hospital bed while the oxygen device and medical tubes were delivered to her, and she only commented, saying: “Oh God, you are the healer. A healing that does not leave sickness, and put on her the garment of wellness, and lift her up, O Most Merciful, O Most Merciful.”

Maram Al-Balushi’s departure comes hours after she was transferred to the intensive care unit, against the background of a sudden new health crisis, after which she was admitted to the Amiri Hospital in Kuwait.

Here we bring you to the end of our news The cause of the illness of Maram Al BalushiAnd we conveyed to you the most important details about the news reported by many pioneers of social networking sites, and we mentioned to you the talk of Al-Alamiah Mai Al-Aidan and the sister of Maram Al-Balushi, the artist Hind Al-Balushi.