The cause of the death of Salah Abdullah, Since Monday morning, the media and social media have reported the death of the poet Salah Abdullah, and the poet’s audience in the Arab street in general, and in the Egyptian street in particular, wondered about the cause of his death, and this is what we will answer on the contents of the article through the lines of the article.

Who is Salah Abdullah?

Salah Abdullah is An Egyptian poet in the spoken language, and despite his blindness, he is one of the most prominent poets of the Egyptian Arab Republic in our time.His voice and poetry became very popular in our Arab world, especially after the outbreak of the January revolution in 2011 AD, and his standing by the revolution and his release of Haddad’s poem, which made him one of the most important poets of the January revolution.

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The news of the death of Salah Abdullah

The news of Dr. Salah Abdullah’s death was announced on many social media and media pages, and the statement of the death announcement on Dr. Salah Abdullah’s page was as follows: “Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, who is unique in tyranny, pride and survival. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.. He died to mercy. God in these hours, the poet Dr. Salah Abdullah .. and the funeral prayer in Ain Shams.”

The cause of the death of Salah Abdullah

The cause of the death of the poet Salah Abdullah is a struggle with illnesswhere the poet Salah Abdullah died in the early morning hours of Monday of February 2022 AD, who was called the poet of the fiftieth century, at the age of 60, according to Egyptian media, as the poet was suffering from a number of multiple diseases that afflicted him over the years. His last life, he was buried in the family cemetery in the Egyptian Arab Republic.

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A minute of mourning poem

The poet Salah Abdullah was famous for the story of a minute of mourning, where he says in this poem: “A minute of mourning for the sweet needs in our country… a minute of mourning for the dream we lived in, and then I was exposed to an auction.” Then he concluded his poem of mourning by saying, “You Egyptians, for whose mourning will be.. On those who died and rest, world, nor on cheaters.” In this poem, the poet shows the attack on the ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi after the events around the Etihad Palace in 2012.

And after he finished our article, The cause of the death of Salah Abdullah In conclusion, we have got to know the biography of this poet, and the cause of his death, and we got to know one of his most beautiful poems.