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Sunday July 12, 2020

The blood fountain hits the Londoners

The World-Varieties

British police arrested two people, after the incident, on suspicion of “causing damage” during the protest..

Animal rights advocates took to the famous London scene, also known as “Trafalgar Square”, in opposition to what they described as the “tragic conditions” of animals, talking about violations against them..
Those who belong to the “Animal Rebellion” group say that the British government is “blood-stained”, due to these violations.

During the protest, some wore masks on their faces and poured dye into the famous water of the fountain, and some entered it with banners demanding attention to animal rights..

Among the slogans that raised the “planet above profit”, in reference to the need to take care of the wealth contained in it, especially livestock.

Activists involved in the protest claimed that the Corona pandemic was caused by “the exploitation of animals.”“.

The representative of the “Animal Rebellion” group, Stephanie Zopan, stated that the government should switch to a vegetarian diet, warning that if it did not, it would “risk animal epidemics of catastrophic proportions.”“.

On the other hand, the London government, through the Animal and Plant Health Agency, responded to the “animal rebellion” group, to make clear that all livestock farms in England, regardless of size, are subject to animal protection legislation.

She added that she takes allegations of animal abuse seriously.

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