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Saturday February 8, 2020

The best YouTube channel for teaching English

Learning English has become easy with YouTube channels, there are dozens of channels to choose from as you like to learn English, and for more, learn about, the best YouTube channel for teaching the English language

The best YouTube channel for teaching English

Videos can be one of the best resources to learn English, where you hear how words are pronounced, and see words or images related to them on the screen.

MisterDuncan channel:

The thing that makes these videos great is Mister Duncan’s character and sense of humor, a highly experienced English language teacher who loves his job and makes every topic funny and cool.

BBC English Language Learning:

The BBC’s official EFL channel is a great resource, with short lessons on all aspects of English grammar and vocabulary, suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

VOA Learn English:

The best YouTube channel for teaching English
The best YouTube channel for teaching English

Launched by the popular American news agency Voice of America, each lesson looks like a regular TV news report, but is presented by the slowest trained English language teachers, with simpler translations and language.

You can learn about interesting topics and get used to watching English news while improving your English skills at the same time.

English Rachel:

If your priority is pronunciation, this is one of the best places to learn, Rachel has trained as a classical expert singer in showing people how to change the way their mouths and tongues move to create sounds they are not accustomed to, if you want to speak an ideal American accent, watch these videos.

Real English:

Idea similar to Easy English, but it meets the American people, you can choose to watch videos with subtitles or without translations, and each comes with some additional exercises to help you verify your understanding and build new vocabulary.

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Business English:

The English language used in the workplace or in the business context differs from the informal English language, but it is difficult to practice it on your own, which is why the Business English Channel is so good.

It contains in-depth videos about all the different situations and types of vocabulary that you may need to learn for your job, a really great channel for business English learners.

Learn English with

The best YouTube channel for teaching English
The best YouTube channel for teaching English

Important video lessons, designed for fast English learning, cover many aspects of American and British culture, so you can discover more about countries as you learn their language.

More than just a YouTube channel, it is already a full fledged English tutorial with over 1000 video and audio lessons in English, you can register for free and learn more on its official website.

British Council:

Songs are among the most fun and effective ways to learn a new language. Their tunes and rhythms help to create strong, vibrant memories to capture new verbs and expressions.

Both children and adults who learn English as a second language can benefit from listening and singing to traditional nursery rhymes, helping to improve memory skills and restore memory.

A great channel filled with animated videos about children’s songs, every well-produced English video features cartoonishes and entertaining subtitles in English.

Jennifer channel:

English with Jennifer is a rich collection of hundreds of videos compiled into easy-to-use playlists, there are beginners lessons, lessons to improve your English writing, grammar lessons and many more.

The channel features a fresh and simple presentation and a special focus on pronunciation, no texts and no actors, only speaking in real natural English.

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British Channel:

The British language takes a different approach to many other language learning channels, it focuses on learning the interesting things you may encounter, for example, there are lessons about the vocabulary you will need at the airport, (insects) and types of musical instruments.

EF podEnglish:

The EF podEnglish program is a five-minute small English language course that targets English language learners at every level, from beginners to advanced students, well organized with a three-part lesson plan: watching, learning and trying.

A wide range of topics, including families, pets, directions, weather, movies and technology, use some humor lessons to get points.


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