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Thursday January 16, 2020

The best websites for measuring and testing internet speed

Internet speed measurement

How to measure the speed of the Internet – Often we want to measure the speed of our internet, for many reasons such as making sure the credibility of the company we are dealing with, and do we get our speed in full or not, and there are many ways through which You can get information about your internet, like speed, etc., but some of these methods are somewhat complicated.

However, you can find out the speed of your internet through many sites that provide you with this feature for free, which we discuss with you on this topic.

Internet speed measurement sites


Speedtest is one of the best internet speed measurement sites, as it is easy due to the very simple interface that this site has, and you can through this website know the speed of the download, and your lifting regardless of the country you live in, or your service provider , All you have to do is go to the main page of the site, then press the “GO” button, then wait for the site to check the internet speed on your device, and then give you information about that.

Although this site is relatively new, it provides you with a lot of great advantages as it is characterized by simplicity and ease of use, just like the previous site, which is a website of the global company Netflix, the leader in providing live broadcasting and video services.

When you enter this site, it shows you the speed of your download only, but if you want to know the upload speed and more information about your internet, click on MORE INFO.

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Other sites

Open Speed ​​Test

Century Link


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