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Wednesday August 5, 2020

The best tourist places in Namas

Tourism in Namas is a source of attraction for many citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is one of the cities affiliated with the Asir region, which is located about one hundred and thirty kilometers, which is equivalent to eighty one miles north of Abha. Perhaps the most prominent characteristic of Namas is its enjoyment of a more humid climate. The thing is the case in Abha, as well as it is characterized by the scenic nature of its mountainous terrain, such as the Sarawat Mountains that extend to the southwest of the Arabian Peninsula in the northwest, which is among the best places of tourism within Saudi Arabia.

Namas Recreation Area

-Namas embraces among its many scenic and distinct parks that make tourists, whether from inside or outside the Kingdom, and we will present below a summary related to each of these parks: [1], [2]

Jabal Nasser Park

It is one of the most important parks in the city of Namas, which allows visitors to enjoy all the surrounding scenery and beautiful things, including mountain peaks, along with a distinguished set of picturesque and upscale views that allow to obtain the best memorial and personal pictures, along with the presence of many places Relax and sit where you sit in the spaciousness of green nature.

Bitter Mountain Park

 Namas, the city of fog ... a touch of charming beauty and beautiful nature ...

Bitter Mountain is an ideal choice for all lovers of visiting parks and tourism in Namas, as the park is located on the Sarawat Mountains, which are approximately two thousand and seven hundred meters high. The mountain is located specifically in the village of Qahtan, which is only fifteen kilometers north of the city of Namas. Which characterizes that mountain, the most important of which includes the charming natural scenery with the possibility of enjoying the plantations, in addition to the livelihood of rare animals and other tigers and hyenas.

Shaaf Aqeeqah Park

Shaaf Aqeeqah is one of the parks of a unique nature, which is located in the city of Namas, as this park is full of greenery, plantations and picturesque natural beauty. Of all the facilities that visitors and tourists need to make their family day happy and enjoyable for both adults and children.

Waleed Passion Park

It can be described as the main park in Namas city, where friends and families visit from all sides in the Kingdom, which is not only limited to them, but also visitors from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it provides visitors with amusement parks, children’s playgrounds, and places that allow you to sit and spend quality time in the green The main important facilities, as well as open areas in the park barbecue areas which is preferred by Saudi citizens and they always do.

With regard to the magical natural features that characterize the park, we can mention the surrounding slopes and plains topped by clouds, where they can be seen in a magical scene that amazes him and takes breaths, but care must be taken on the young and refrain from approaching to a large extent from those slopes where they are dangerous On the child when alone.

Ain People’s Park

It is one of the most beautiful parks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in fact, in the tourist city of Namas. It is an open park full of unique natural scenery with different harmonious colors and varied, where visitors can watch and enjoy seeing the wonderful colors represented by different things that minds are surprised by such as seeing colorful lizards that spread and exist on land The park and its trees, which bear evidence that cannot be mistaken for the greatness of creation.

The park also has colorful wildflowers and green plants that grow in the high mountains that surround the park, creating a wonderful and very attractive scene, as the people of Ain overlook the famous mountain ( Sarawat), and the Saudi government has provided all the basic facilities that tourists and visitors may need, young and old, and the necessary services that No one can do without them, in addition to the recreational facilities, so that the time spent in the park will not be marred, but the best outing will be spent on it.

The palace of residence in -Namas

Tourism in Saudi Arabia: civilizations all over the world meet at the -Muqar Palace in  Namas

-Muqar Palace can be described as the most luxurious heritage palace in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at all, as it contains a huge number of artifacts and manuscripts, which is the reality in the village of -Namas, which dates back to hundreds of years and is distinguished by its unique design and conscience that includes a large group of wonderful Islamic motifs that give it a look Charming, all those things made him carry the title (Royal Palace).

On the back side of the palace there is a group of breaks and apartments that are provided in order to serve its visitors who come to it from remote areas in addition to what is attached to it from a zoo, which makes it one of the best tourist places in Saudi Arabia, the monastery mentioning that the headquarters village is located at the tops of Mount Sarawat In Asir, the distance between the headquarters and the city of Abha in the south of the Kingdom reaches approximately one hundred and fifty kilometers.

The story of the construction of the Palace headquarters

The story of its construction dates back to (the famous Muhammad alMuqar), who built the palace in a period of more than thirtyfive years, in which he used what exceeded the two million natural stones that he brought and obtained from the mountains in the Asi region, where he designed it in a form that permits the penetration of sunlight To him in order to do a full course through all his windows, which made his cost estimated at about eighty million Saudi riyals.

At that time, the famous Muhammed headquarters was touring many countries and regions around the world for many years, during which he was able to gain extensive experience that made him become qualified with expertise and experience in the construction issue, which helped him establish that great edifice, as all the distinctive motifs and engravings included in the palace of his own design He was the one who added the decorations of the Andalusian architecture to decorate the walls with it, as was the use of the Kishani, which was embroidered with a number of Arabic inscriptions.

File: Palace headquarters. Jpg - Wikipedia

The headquarters palace features

The palace is distinguished by the presence of seven domes that symbolize what the world consists of seven continents, in addition to containing more than 365 columns inside it they refer to the days of the year, in addition to what appears on its walls of many decorations related to different civilizations such as the Abbasid civilization and the Umayyad civilization in the form of Beautiful and consistent.

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