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Thursday February 20, 2020

The best tourist activities in Ostkabel

Oostkapelle lies on the quiet northwestern coast of Walcheren, which was once an island, and became a peninsula after the construction of the Oosterscheldekering Dam in 1986, in the city of Middelburg, the capital of Zeeland, just ten kilometers from the south, and in the 17th and 17th centuries. 18 Its wealthy residents established estates near the coast in Ostcapel.

You can enjoy the best tourist activities in Ostkabel, it includes many monuments and modern tourist attractions such as Westhof Castle, Ostkabel Beach, Willibrordkerk Church, and wonderful degree paths, which resemble a spider web.

Ostkabel Beach Oostkapelle Beach

Of the most amazing beaches, Ostcapel has won the Cleanest Beach in the Netherlands award four times in the past 15 years, the last time in 2017, and it competes strongly with the famous blue flag beach, and the most important characteristic of the beach is that it is completely safe Whether along the sand, or at the water level.

You can do many tourist activities in Ostkabel Beach, where you can walk on the soft white sand, and enjoy the warm sunshine. There are also terraces facing the beach, to enjoy sitting on it and watching the sunset. You can also enjoy your favorite meal in one of the restaurants spread on the beach. [1]

Tera Maris Terra Maris

Orange Terra Maris Building is an 18th-century museum, a magical place for a museum representing the nature of Zeeland County, and its landscape. The building is located on the edge of the dunes, a few hundred meters from the North Sea.

Zeeland’s material history is an interesting topic, with vast tracts of land reclaimed from the North Sea, knowing that in the twentieth century huge projects of Delta Works helped keep the Netherlands safe, from flooding forever.

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The museum displays the most important exhibits in the hundred villages of Zeeland, which are artifacts, which were lost under the waves, and there are models showing eleventh century farms, in addition to dams built in the seventeenth century, while the aquarium provides a glimpse of marine life off Zeeland, Outside the museum, there is a picturesque 2.5-hectare landscape garden, where you can take memorial photos.

Westhof Castle Kasteel Westhove

Midway to the neighboring city of Domburg, Kasteel Westhoeve Castle is a castle built as a medieval prison, and no one is sure who built this stronghold, but in the Middle Ages it was controlled by the Middleburg Abbey, which had great regional power in this period of time.

It is reported that some powerful people passed through the doors of that castle, among them Philip I of Castile (1478–1506), as well as his wife and son Charles V, and the Holy Roman Emperor (1550–1558), and the castle was heavily damaged in the Eighty Years’ War, and in Later that century, new properties were created on its land. Today, there is a youth hostel inside, while the external buildings have been rebuilt. [2]

Mullen Dark Molen D’Arke

When you visit Oostkapelle, you will see Molen D’Arke located on the Noordweg river behind the houses, and that mill was created by Molen D’Arke, a tower mill built in 1858 AD, to replace an old mail mill, and to reuse some of Mechanism from the previous mill.

You can visit the mills on Friday and Saturday in the summer, enjoy a bag of organic flour minted in this great edifice, and if you are interested in the internal work of the mill, the grinder will be happy to offer a quick guided tour. [3]

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De mantling De Manteling

After visiting Westhof Castle and visiting the orange building of Terra Maris, you can enjoy a visit to the magnificent de Manteling Nature Reserve, which has an area of ​​740 hectares, has been formed by humans for hundreds of years, and away from the sand dunes, the reserve covers historical properties established by the Middleburg elite, in the century Seventeenth and eighteenth.

The reserve includes some collectibles from this period, including lavish archaeological methods, and if you love to know a lot about plants, you will find many rare flowering plants such as daffodils, snowdrops, rhododendrons, spring flowers, and woody anemones, as you enjoy those It is protected by a rare group of birds, including species of woodpecker, and other songbirds. [4]

Domburg Domburg

The next resort is located along the coast, a 10-minute drive away, and it is one of the tourist attractions in Ostkabel. It dates back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Beginning with aristocrats and poles who came for comfort treatments, the renovated Badpaviljoen shower suite is a relic of the Renaissance, built in 1888-89 and now contains apartments.

Domburg Resort also has a majestic beach, in addition to a number of historical monuments in its center, such as the old town hall dating back to the year 1667 AD, and there are many facilities in Domburg, such as a swimming pool, a high-level golf course Domburgsche Golf Club, and a riding school the waves.

Cycling Cycling

Even in this quiet corner of the Walcheren coast, you can reach the rest of the peninsula via a full network of bike paths, all interconnected, where the paths intersect to see everything the peninsula has to offer.

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In only half an hour, you will find Middelburg, and all of the Dutch East India Company’s heritage in its scope, and locally, there are specific routes: Fietsroute in en om Veere and Fietsroute Oostkapelle en Kamperland, which sails through the dunes of the Veere region , Or to the Oosterscheldekering Storm Barrier in Kamperland.

Since Oostkapelle is a tourist spot, you have two bike rental stores: Robbert Boogaard Tweewielers and Bicycle Rental Festina Lente, so you don’t have to worry about your own wheels not being available.

a church Willibrordkerk

When it comes to architecture, the main feature of this church is the tower, which was built at the end of the fourteenth century. This building survived the siege of Middelburg (1572-74) in the Eighty Years War, and was rebuilt from what happened in 1820 AD .

In summer, you can enjoy her visit, take the stairs up, watch the symbolic drawings, watch the bells, one of which was designed in 1620 AD, and inside you’ll see an antique wooden pulpit made in 1650 AD, and sculptures of angels including St David with a guitarist Harp, which belongs to the 18th century.

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