Travel times to Santorini

There is a lot of travel to Santorini during the months of July and August, when tourists flock in this period to the beaches and tourist places overlooking, and the following months are considered appropriate times to visit the country, namely: April, May, early June, late September, and October The visit is quieter, especially on the east coast of the country, and the possibility of traveling to Santorini during the winter season is indicated; Prices are low, crowds are reduced, and it is worth noting that the country seeks to develop tourism in Santorini throughout the year.[1]

Tourism in Santorini

Santorini is considered one of the best tourist destinations in the Greek islands.[2] The country has many tourist components, perhaps the most important of which are traditional food and distinctive tourist attractions. These attractions are among the attractive things that Santorini tourists enjoy. Tourists can visit the country in any season of the year, in order to enjoy the island’s distinctive atmosphere, where visitors enjoy With an atmosphere of warm welcome and traditional hospitality, this makes a visit to the country unforgettable for all visitors.[3]

Nature in Santorini

The island of Santorini is distinguished by its wonderful natural paths that allow visitors to see many birds; Such as quails, pigeons, sparrows, sea gulls, and owls. The high mountain slopes and fishing harbors are good places for bird watching, but these birds are not common during the main tourist season.[3]

It is noteworthy that the best Santorini plants sprout during the spring, after the end of the autumn and winter rainy season. These plants include: olives, grapes, figs, pines, and others. Many products are offered to tourists; Such as vegetables and cherry tomatoes, in addition to its production of world-famous goat cheese and pumice stone. Santorini also has attractive natural tourist places, including volcanic beaches with red, white, and black sand, and rock formations resulting from volcanic activity.[3]

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The best time to travel to Santorini

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