Use of insecticide

Insecticide can be sprayed as a temporary solution when there are large quantities of mosquitoes to get rid of them and kill them all, which may last for several hours, but it may cause the killing of some beneficial insects as well. Therefore, the label installed on the insecticide should be carefully read; To check if an insecticide is safe and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and other official environmental organizations.[1]

Discharge or treat standing water

Stagnant water is a suitable place for mosquito larvae to breed, and therefore it is recommended to get rid of it to kill the larvae and prevent their growth, by emptying the rain bucket, children’s pool, pet water dishes, or any other water containers in which water collects, and some sources can be poisoned Stagnant water that is difficult to empty or dry with an insecticide, with the need to always read the warning label written on the insecticide, in order to see if drinking water treated with the insecticide added to it may harm children or pets.[1]

Use the vacuum cleaner

One mosquito can be chased and sucked using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of it and kill it, by installing the hose connection on the vacuum cleaner, then turning on the broom and chasing the mosquito, sucking it and then emptying the broom bag to ensure its death once and for all.[1]

Prevent caterpillars from ripening

Mosquito larvae can be prevented from maturation by using special mosquito beds, which contain soil bacteria (Bacillus thurengiensis israelensis), which are bacteria that act as a safe natural insecticide, so that when mosquito or fly larvae eat them, they affect their stomach, making them unable to They will not be able to eat later, which will cause them to die within several days of starvation.[2]

cup use

A glass cup can be used to trap and kill one mosquito, by moving a transparent glass cup over the surface on which the mosquito settled to trap it inside, then inserting a piece of paper or cardboard between the surface and the cup to move the mosquito, then crushing it well and killing it, and it can also be left in the cup for a short period To suffocate and die.[1]

Application of different methods

The best way to kill and control mosquitoes is to apply more than one method constantly. Some methods may target only adult insects, while others may target only larvae, some target mosquitoes alone, and others target large numbers of them. Therefore, it is preferable to use more than one method to obtain mosquitoes. Guaranteed results.[3]

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The best solution to kill mosquitoes

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