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Wednesday January 13, 2021

The best professional photo video design software for iPhone and Android

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Today we will present to you a set of the best video design programs from pictures for iPhone and Android. These programs convert a set of your existing photos into a video by placing the images in an animation with the addition of music and transitional effects.

It is very similar to what was happening with Movie Maker in the past, but in a simpler way and full of settings and options, and although Movie Maker was aimed at computers, these phone programs are more professional than it.

Of course, the video that will be produced from these programs can be easily shared anywhere you want, for example, you can share this video on Instagram or Facebook stories and other various video sharing programs.

You can also rely on these programs, even if you are thinking of entering the content industry and sharing your video content.

Best Photo Video Design Software:

All the programs that we will mention today are for mobile phones, some of them offer a separate computer version, but today we will talk about the mobile version, whether for Android or iPhone.

  • Kinemaster Program:

We can easily recommend Kinemaster for photo video design and overall video editing.

Although the program is free, it provides very professional tools that enable you to work with advanced layers and different layers to be able to add effects and modify the design as desired.

Kinemaster features:

  • The ability to add Layers to various photos and videos
  • Design software suitable for beginners and easy interface
  • It offers very advanced editing capabilities, which makes it also useful to professionals
  • The program fully supports the cart language, whether it is in the interface or writing on it
  • It has a store with a bunch of ready-made effects and filters that you can use
  • The program is free but includes purchases and ads.

Kinemaster download link: Android | Iphone

Design a video from photos

This program is one of the most powerful programs currently in existence to create a Slideshow or move pictures and put them in the form of a video with a set of different effects.

The program includes a special mode for editing for professionals and another for those who have just started trying the program, the program allows you to select the duration and music and add writing and effects to the video with ease.

Viva Video Features:

  • The ability to specify the duration as desired
  • The ability to add images, stickers and texts as you wish as well
  • You can add more than one audio clip or music together
  • Add transitions and ways to move between videos
  • The program contains a free version.

Viva Video Download Link:Android | IPhone

The best professional photo video design software for iPhone and Android 1

This program is considered one of the easiest video editing programs and designing a video from pictures at the same time.

The program comes with a set of themes that will make you feel that you have not modified the video and its work on your mobile phone, but through a professional program that has been installed on your computer.

The only drawback that will guide you with this program is that you cannot add Stickers or Doodles to your images, but the fact that the program is completely free to use justifies this matter and makes it completely unobtrusive.

Download the program Android.

Download QUik for iPhone.

  • Filmora go:

The best professional photo video design software for iPhone and Android 2

This program is a complete video editing program as if you were editing it through a professional program on your computer.

Like all the programs that we mentioned above, this program is easy and very simple to use, and it allows you to easily add Bokeh effects to your photos and includes a special section that allows you to easily add Titles to your videos.

The program also allows you to reduce the size of the images, add subtitles or even VoiceOVer audio files, and you can easily specify how long each image will appear on your device.

Filmora go download link on Android | Filmora Go download link for iPhone

  • Adobie Preimere Rush:

The best professional photo video design software for iPhone and Android 3

This program is the mobile version of Priemre, a very popular and very professional video editing program for computers.

Of course, the program does not include all the features in the professional version of it for computers, but it includes a large group of different and varied features that justify its use.

We cannot say that the program is easy or difficult. For professionals, whoever is used to working on it on computers will feel that the program is easy to use and simple, and that is why it is considered one of the best video design programs from pictures

Download the program link Android

IPhone download link

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