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Friday February 14, 2020

The best English learning channels on YouTube

You want to learn English, you can use the YouTube channels that help you to learn for free, and for more, find out the best English learning channels on YouTube.

The best English learning channels on YouTube

You can develop your English level with the help of YouTube channels, you do not have to worry about finding a teacher or even leaving your home to learn to speak English fluently, most of these channels teach English for free.

The channels are varied, including what is suitable for beginners and others that aim to improve the intermediate level to professionalism, regardless of your level, it helps you to understand English better and speak it.

The best English learning channels on YouTube:


You will learn to speak, read and write in English, offer a quick, fun and easy course to learn English, it is a good choice because it is a free channel and offers you audio and video lessons that help you practice English from beginners to advanced.


It provides an opportunity to learn English by watching different films that speak English, this allows you to learn and speak English and speak with others all over the world.

Learn English by Cartoon

The best English learning channels on YouTube
The best English learning channels on YouTube

This channel teaches you to speak English through basic research methods. It appears to be a channel only for children but it also helps people of all ages to learn the English language. The channel relies on linking pictures with words to understand them.

Speak English With Tiffani

Channel dedicated to learning medium to advanced English, this is for those who can read and understand English somewhat but have a problem speaking it, new videos are uploaded every week.

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Learn English Lab

This channel offers free English lessons that will teach you grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, accent, conversation skills, writing skills and much more.

Learn English With TV Series

Offering a fun way to learn English, this channel is about watching TV shows and movies to learn to speak English.

The channel aims to entertain the learner while learning.

Daily English Conversation

It helps people speak English, there are videos of vocabulary and grammar as well as exercises in speaking English.

Lessons, this channel is great for a beginner to learn English, it will help them to learn English easily but it also offers more advanced lessons.

Learn English Online

A free channel will help you learn grammar and vocabulary through videos, there are also exercises and lessons to speak in English, and it contains famous speeches or interviews with celebrities.

Helena Daily English

The best English learning channels on YouTube
The best English learning channels on YouTube

This course helps people learn English by reading, building vocabulary and discussing lessons in the English language. This channel uses the practical English language that people speak, in addition to that you learn through videos.

Kendra’s Language School

Helping non-English speakers to speak English and English speaking people to speak other languages, this channel helps people to speak not only English but also Russian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and French and many more.

Learn English with Emma

Emma is an English language school, Emma also teaches her students how to speak in a job interview and how to write in English, and she also teaches International English Language Testing System (IELTS) lessons.

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Shaw English Online

This channel teaches you how to speak English for conversation, how to use grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, new videos are published 3 times a week, it will teach you common mistakes that people use when speaking in English.

BBC Learning English

Learn how to speak English, every day you have a new video to help you learn the English language, and the number of subscribers is about 2.450,000 subscribers and the number of clips is more than 2134


Offering free English lessons in pronunciation and spelling, offering free English videos for students around the world.

The number of subscribers is 3,320,000, and the number of videos is 219.

VOA Learning English

Learn American English and much more with the read news reports, 1,280,000 subscribers and 3,486 videos.


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