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Wednesday January 13, 2021

The best alternatives to WhatsApp that protect privacy in 2021

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The WhatsApp application began to appear in 2009 and this was its first year as an application available for download on various stores, but in fact, WhatsApp did not begin to spread and obtain global and local attention in this way until 2014 when Facebook acquired the company responsible for WhatsApp in Deal estimated at nearly $ 21 million.

Recently and specifically in the past months, Facebook has begun to be subject to a major attack globally, of course, this attack is not the result of the past days only, but rather the result of everything that has happened in the past years since Facebook entered the field of ads and targeted ads, the last attack by Apple on the Facebook application and Messenger Perhaps this is the reason that prompted the recent update of the WhatsApp platform as well.

You can know all the details you need about the recent update of WhatsApp from our previous topic about it, as we will devote this topic to talking about the 5 best alternatives to the WhatsApp application, even if you think about moving from WhatsApp, you can go to it.

The most important alternatives to WhatsApp:

Of course, there are millions of instant messaging programs and applications, and the closest and simplest is – application, which comes from the same Facebook company responsible for WhatsApp, but today we will talk in particular a little bit about apps that protect privacy and do not sell your information to advertisers.

  • Telegram app:

The best alternatives to WhatsApp that protect privacy in 2021 1

Two people do not differ on the importance and power of the Telegram application, and in my personal view it is the best and strongest competitor to WhatsApp, and it is the only application that is able to remove it from the throne of instant conversations.

Telegram provides a different set of features and features that are very close to the performance of the WhatsApp application, but it can also replace it and make it completely dispensed with and give it up permanently.

Telegram Advantages:

  • Ability to send large files with full image quality
  • The ability to open the same account from more than one device
  • Better encryption and protection
  • The company was not presenting advertisements in the past, but now it will present ads
  • An extensive library of stickers and gifs
  • Unlimited number of group members

Telegram download link: Computer device | Android phones | IPhone phones .

Signal program:

The best alternatives to WhatsApp that protect privacy in 2021 2

Some people think that this is a new program, but in fact, Signal is one of the oldest existing programs for instant chatting, and most importantly, it is one of the most secure programs and protection for user accounts in it.

The program shone tremendously and increased its luster these days due to Elon Musk’s tweet about him, this gives you an impression of how safe Signal is compared to WhatsApp, knowing that Elon Musk is one of the foundations of the PayPal service for secure online payment, so he is a person who cares about security in the first degree.

Signal Features:

  • Much better security than WhatsApp
  • It collects less information than WhatsApp does
  • It can become your Android phone’s SMS program
  • It has a feature called Note To self that allows you to record notes in it instead of making a group or sending a chat to yourself
  • You can use the Note To self feature while you are using the app in chatting, among others
  • You can divert voice calls to other programs to change your voice and other features.

Signal download link: Android devices | IPhone devices

Viber App:

The best alternatives to WhatsApp that protect privacy in 2021 3

Viber is one of the older generation of chatting apps, and this program was popular in a period before WhatsApp.

In the past, Viber had very excellent encryption in voice and video calls to the point that it worked in the past despite the nose of countries that prevented voice calls over the network.

In the past, the program was owned by an Israeli company, but it was recently purchased from a Japanese company.

Viber Features:

  • The program has 3 types of groups for chatting, either a regular group, communities, or broadcast list, and each one has a different use than others, for example the Communities feature allows you to add an infinite number of subscribers, unlike regular groups that have fewer users.
  • It has a secret chat feature, as this feature allows you to hide and close the conversation behind a PIN or a special password that only you know.
  • It has a self-destructing message feature that prevents the recipient from taking a copy of the message or even forwarding it to someone else.
  • You can also create a list of people trusted by you called the Trust List. This list receives messages in a way that does not allow any party or other party to intercept them.
  • Through Viber, you can call any landline or international phone number – for a fee of course –
  • With Viper, you can enjoy a variety of games to have fun in chats with your friends.
  • Owns a dedicated app for computers.

Viber Free Download Link: For Android phones | For iPhone phones | For Windows devices

Kik Cake Program:

The best alternatives to WhatsApp that protect privacy in 2021 4

Kik has more than 100 million users around the world, and they prefer this program regardless of the rest of the programs or any other program that appears on the scene.

Kik has a slightly bad reputation and this is because it has the best safety and protection measures ever, which makes drug dealers and drug dealers in general prefer it.

Kik Features:

  • You do not need to register with a phone number. You can only register with your e-mail
  • Uses two-step authentication.
  • You can send photos in it for temporary periods
  • You can preview the image before uploading it
  • He has a browser that you can use to not open any link in your phone’s main browser.

Kik Download Link: For Android phones | IPhone phones .

Wire software:

WhatsApp alternatives

Before we start talking about the advantages of Wire for instant chat, we must agree on a basic point, which is that this program is for professionals only.

Who are the professionals? They are the ones who need to send information without other people being informed or unauthorized to view it, such as the heads of giant companies and others.

The program comes as a paid and has a free version as a personal account and not a work account, but it provides a set of capabilities that make it the best in its field to talk and send various messages to different parties.

Wire features:

  • Crystal clear and crisp audio and video chats
  • You can use the same account on 8 devices simultaneously
  • It can filter and filter the audio files
  • You can format copies and completely change the look of letters
  • You can specify the size of the share files and change their size from within the program
  • You can clear messages after a specific counter or timer.

Wire Download Link: For Windows system | Android phones | IPhone phones .

Conclusion :

Today we presented to you the most important programs that protect your privacy and the privacy of your messages and do not share any data about you, but all of these programs are of no use in the event that your friends, family and business groups that you care about are not present on this platform.

So, before you think about moving to a new platform, try to get all of your friends and family to move to it first.

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