Oud qst

It represents the Costus agarwood or the Indian Costus, or as it is scientifically called Costus, and it is one of the plants that fall under the list of the Zingiberaceous family. Marine agarwood.

It is divided into two main parts, the sweet oud and the bitter oud, and it is eaten in several ways, represented by the use of the oud leaves, or the use of powder or powder of the Indian premium or the roots of the Indian premium, where it can be taken as a drink or topically through the use of agarwood oil.

Benefits of oud qst

  • It is used as one of the effective treatments to solve the problems of impotence and impotence in both sexes, as it helps to activate the ovaries and regulates the female hormones of pregnancy, and helps to strengthen the erection, which makes it useful to get rid of infertility problems.
  • It helps to reduce the level of harmful LDL cholesterol, and increases the good cholesterol, which stimulates the flow of oxygen into the blood, and thus prevents the problems of blood vessels, arteries and veins.
  • It helps to regulate the rate of sugar in the blood, and prevents cases of high, which makes it very useful for patients with different types of diabetes, and activates the work of the pancreas, and enhances the secretion of insulin.
  • It is one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory, including sore throat, sinuses, bronchi, tonsils, and others.
  • It helps activate mental and brain functions, activates the work of brain cells, and strengthens memory, understanding, comprehension and focus.
  • It contains helenene and benzoate acid, which help to fight viral, bacterial and bacterial infections, and it is an effective treatment for various skin problems, especially scars and distortions. It helps to get rid of dark spots and dark circles in record time, solves the problems of dry skin and helps moisturize it, and helps to get rid of skin diseases including psoriasis and eczema.
  • It is one of the most powerful antioxidants, which makes it resist cells and cancerous tumors, as well as protects against signs of aging and aging, including wrinkles, sagging, graying and fine lines.
  • It is widely used as an anesthetic and analgesic for various aches, including chronic headaches, toothaches, gums and molars, and also helps purify the blood of toxins, thus strengthening the body’s immune system.
  • It is an ideal solution for various hair problems, including problems of hair loss, breakage, as well as frizz, by mixing two tablespoons of ground premium oud powder with coconut oil and olive oil until these compounds become one mixture, and placing it on the scalp for at least half an hour, Then wash the hair well.
  • It helps to treat minor wounds and burns, by mixing an appropriate amount of Al-Qust oud flour with water and honey and placing the resulting mixture on top of it.

Benefits of oud qst

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