an introduction

Sport is a daily requirement for both the body and the mind; Sport activates the muscles of the body and gains strength, flexibility and a harmonious appearance. At the same time, brain cells are activated, more oxygen flows to them, and the psychological state and general mood of the person improve.

The forms of sports that are practiced at home, in gyms, or even in public streets and parks vary between fitness and flexibility, strength and bodybuilding.

squat sport

Squat is one of the forms of agility that is practiced to obtain a slender figure and get rid of sagging and fat in the buttocks, thighs and buttocks area; It is more practiced among women in order to obtain a sculpting and tightening of these areas, and this sport is also known as the squat sport.

How to do squat

Squatting is one of the sports that must be performed with great care and attention so as not to cause any side complications, especially for the knee and back areas, by following the following

  • Do warm-up exercises and prepare the muscles for exercise.
  • Stand erect, with legs spread apart, arms outstretched, parallel to the chest.
  • Bend the knees forward, keeping the legs apart, extending the arms and pushing the buttocks back, taking into account that the back is straight and the knees do not go beyond the toes.
  • Return to the previous standing position and repeat this exercise a certain number ten or twenty times, with an increase in the number daily.
  • To this exercise, you can add some weights in the hands to increase the tension.
  • Squats are practiced in different ways, but they are based on the same principle, which is squatting and then standing up several times.

One of the ways, instead of extending the arms forward, can put the hands behind the head so that the tips of the fingers touch parallel to the shoulders, then do the exercise from bending the knees so that they do not go beyond the level of the toes and push the back as much as possible.

The benefits of squatting

  • It pumps blood in all parts of the body and strengthens the muscles of the thigh, back and legs.
  • It works to burn fat greatly and get rid of flabbiness in the buttocks area in particular.
  • It can be exercised at any time and without sports equipment, as it is financially inexpensive.
  • It strengthens the joints and increases the flexibility of the hamstrings.
  • It helps the body get rid of waste and improves the functioning of the digestive system.
  • The body gains a slender body and gets rid of fat and sagging if it is exercised on a regular basis.
  • Build muscles for the quads when lifting weights on the shoulders, increasing the size of the muscles.

The benefits of squatting

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