sports equipment

Sports devices are widely spread in sports clubs, and are available in the market at reasonable prices that help to purchase them at home. They are specialized devices for doing exercises, and there are several forms, and they are of two types: the first works to strengthen and build the muscles of the body, and the other helps to reduce and reduce weight. Weight, known as cardio machines, which are mostly simulating outdoor sports activities, such as the treadmill and the stationary bike.

Benefits of gym equipment

  • Sports equipment, when acquired at home, provides the ability to exercise at any time, in addition to the possibility of exercising while watching TV, or reading to eliminate boredom.
  • It is a good solution for exercising during variable weather conditions due to heavy rain or snow, or due to high temperature.
  • Avoid the dangers that a person may be exposed to, such as: the risk of being run over, or exposure to some predators when practicing some types of sports such as walking or cycling outside the house.
  • Some types of sports equipment help those who suffer from joint, back or knee problems to exercise without affecting them or increasing pain.

The most popular types of sports equipment

  • Treadmill: This device is the best among the sports equipment for losing weight and burning calories, and it is an easy-to-use, adjustable device to get different types of exercises, by controlling the speed and angle of incline, and it is not preferred for those who suffer from knee or back pain to use it.
  • Orbitrac device: This device is a good alternative to the treadmill for people who suffer from joint pain, and it works to move the muscles of the leg and thigh, burning a lot of calories, and the correct position to exercise on it is by raising the head up, returning the shoulders back, and tightening the muscles abdomen.
  • The stationary bike device: It is one of the devices that is exercised while sitting, and the rate of burning calories is lower than other devices; Where the calorie burning rate does not exceed 100 calories per mile, it is a useful device for tightening the muscles of the legs, thighs, butt and abdomen without affecting the knees.

The benefits of exercise for the health of the body

  • Getting rid of obesity and losing weight by burning the fat accumulated in the body; For a harmonious body, slim and tight body, and raise the level of body fitness.
  • Tighten and strengthen the muscles of the arm, feet, and abdomen, and get rid of flabbyness in the body.
  • Stimulating blood circulation, maintaining heart health, strengthening its muscle, and preventing the risk of some diseases, such as: atherosclerosis, and lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Removing tension and stress, and improving mood and psychological state.
  • Preventing many diseases, such as: stomach and duodenal ulcers, and improving the work of the respiratory system, liver, and kidneys.

Benefits of exercise equipment

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