mobile benefits

Mobile has many benefits in human life, including:[1]

  • Stay in touch with others, through the mobile one can communicate with anyone at any time, even those who are millions of miles away can easily communicate with them through the mobile.
  • Business Control, Smartphones have an important role in the business world, as they helped businessmen to control and supervise their businesses at all times.
  • Learning, there are many applications available for education and to help students in their studies in smart phones, and every student can get the appropriate application for what they are studying.
  • Entertainment One of the advantages of mobile is the presence of animation, games and other entertainment on it, which helps parents to keep their children always under their eyes.
  • Knowing the geographical location, the technology of geographic information systems (GPS) available on smart phones allows a person to obtain information about his current location or know the location of a place he wants to reach.
  • Taking notes and alerts A person can take notes or alerts on the phone to remind him to do something at a certain time.
  • Saving files. Smartphones have the ability to save files, photos and videos, in addition to a very large and varied number of applications, and this enables a person to access any of his files easily and quickly because they are all in one place, which is the mobile.

Mobile damage

Wireless radiation damage to mobile

Mobile phones work mainly through the transmission of wireless radiation (RF) with satellites, and if these radiations are high, they have a thermal effect, which may cause an increase in body temperature, in addition to the low level of wireless radiation emitted by the mobile phone may cause many problems. health conditions such as headaches and brain tumors, and the World Health Organization has classified RF radiation as potentially carcinogenic to humans; It increases the risk of developing glioma, which is one of the types of brain cancer.[2]

Other damages to mobile

There are many disadvantages and disadvantages to using a mobile phone, including:[3]

  • Wasting time, using a mobile phone may make a person distracted from important matters and waste his time using it instead.
  • Inconvenience, mobile phone can be annoying to people because of constant calls and text messages to it.
  • Isolation, cell phone addicts may forget the importance of real communication with people, in addition to the fact that many are in the same place, but they do not talk together, but each one of them looks at his phone, and this is one of the disadvantages of mobile.
  • Data security breach, a person’s smartphone may be hacked, and this enables hackers to steal personal identity and photos or tamper with the contents of the phone and delete the data in it.

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Advantages and disadvantages of mobile

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