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Friday February 14, 2020

The art of dealing with teenagers .. Here are the correct ways to deal with teenagers

It is not easy to deal with teenagers in your life, whether they are your children, or your students. It requires knowing the correct basic rules for dealing with the teenager … We have dedicated the following article to learn about the art of dealing with teenagers.

The art of dealing with teenagers

  1. Avoid giving up on your strength

  • The first rule in facing a tough teenager is keeping your cool, don’t lose your temper quickly, and don’t let him provoke you.
  1. Create clear boundaries

  • Since most adolescents desire greater independence and self-reliance, some will inevitably face a challenge in order to test how strong they are, in these cases, it is very important to set limits in order to maintain a practical and constructive relationship, the boundaries must be clarified Clearly and specifically.
The art of dealing with teenagers
The art of dealing with teenagers
  1. Decisive and effective communication with the teenager

  2. mutual respect

  3. Maintain humor and show empathy

  • In some cases where the adolescent is difficult, sympathy has shown not to overreact.
  • When a teenager annoys you, instead of feeling angry, or anxious, give yourself some distance, take a deep breath, and complete the sentence “It shouldn’t be easy”
  1. Give them space to share their feelings with you

  • Be friends with your teenagers, don’t be their teachers, and don’t tell them what they should or shouldn’t do.
  • Give them the space to share what is in their hearts and their problems, be friendly at its level.
  • If you communicate with him as a friend and not as a parent, he will open up to you, then the gap will be closed.
  • Once the gap is closed, the flow of love and communication occurs, and as soon as connections occur, almost all problems are solved.
  1. Share inspirational stories with them

  • It is important to share inspiring teen stories from time to time without pushing them too much, it is also important to expose them to teenagers who have lost their way. You know, those who have gone astray teach you more than those who walk straight.
  • Gently tell your teenager, “Look, the boy has gone through such a problem, you better be careful.”
  1. Do not blame them, understand them kindly

  • You should be skillful when communicating with your teenager, with a lot of patience, without blaming them, and making them understand.
  1. Be prepared to literally deal with your child’s anger or frustration

  • Mother, father and teacher will have to swallow the child’s anger, you must be ready to swallow their anger or frustration.
  • Even if your child is very upset with you, you take it seriously and do what is good for them and not just what pleases them.
  • I know you will always find a way out
  1. Respect for its privacy

  • You must leave space for the teenager to give him some privacy, as you must make certain things related to him such as his bedroom, phone calls, and email.
  • Also, do not expect or share anything about what happens with him, as he considers these matters private
  • Also, in this way, a teenager learns to become a responsible adult
  • But you should interfere in the teenager’s life if you notice a problem, and parents must always know where their son is going, and when he will return, as well as what he does, and with whom, without entering into details, in order to give him more confidence .
  1. Continuous support for a teenager if he is right

  2. Patience in dealing with the teenager

  3. Educating a teenager takes responsibility

Learn the art of dealing with teenagers
Learn the art of dealing with teenagers


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