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Wednesday November 25, 2020

The arrest of a dangerous terrorist operative in Tunisia

The World – Tunisia

The terrorist who was arrested in Monastir Governorate is 22 years old and belongs to one of the cells in the country.

While the Tunisian Ministry of Interior did not mention the identity of the terrorist, security sources told Al-Ain Al-Akhbar that he belongs to a cell working to attract youth to recruit them to carry out terrorist operations targeting security headquarters.

The sources, who preferred to remain anonymous, confirmed the existence of a relationship between this element and the youths who carried out the terrorist operation that targeted the Sousse governorate on September 6, in which a security man was killed.

This operation comes days after statements by Tunisian Minister of Interior Taoufik Sharaf El-Din, in which he revealed the dismantling of 33 terrorist cells and 48 pre-emptive operations during the recent period.

“The conditions in Tunisia are exceptional, and they need additional efforts to completely eliminate terrorism and dismantle all armed groups,” Sharafeddine said.

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