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Thursday February 25, 2021

The army and the committees continue to defeat the forces of aggression on the fronts of Ma’rib

The World – Yemen

The army forces and the popular committees thwarted a large-scale attack by the mercenaries of the aggression towards the Al-Zour area in the West Bank of the Ma’rib Dam, where the mercenaries of the aggression tried to regain the sites they lost during the past days.

And field sources indicated that the Yemeni forces destroyed six armored vehicles and vehicles of the mercenaries and forced them to retreat after inflicting casualties on them.

The Al-Jadafir front in the desert linking the governorates of Ma’rib and Al-Jawf witnessed violent confrontations, during which the Yemeni forces were able to liberate a series of strategic heights and Tabab, killing and capturing dozens of mercenaries of aggression.

The missile force targeted gatherings of the mercenaries of aggression in the Sahn al-Jin camp, east of the city of Ma’rib, causing direct casualties, as they heard the explosion sound from inside the camp.

The Saudi aggression coalition launched six raids targeting separate areas of the districts of Medghal and Sarwah.

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