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Tuesday June 30, 2020

The annexation record between Netanyahu and Gantz continues

The world – occupation

At a meeting of the Likud party bloc, Netanyahu said: “We are in talks with the American delegation and we are doing this in confidence.”

In a recorded speech broadcast at the “Christians United for Israel” conference, Netanyahu called on the Palestinians to “adopt the plan of US President Donald Trump for a settlement.” Israel “… they need to sit down and negotiate, they must be prepared for the historic compromises that can bring” peace “to the Israelis and the Palestinians,” he said.

Netanyahu pointed out that “many Arab countries in the region hope that Israel and the Palestinian Authority will negotiate .. I have worked hard over the past decade to deepen ties with our Arab” neighbors “, many of whom do not have formal relations with” Israel “, and I will continue to Working to strengthen these relations and together we can build a future of reconciliation and peace, “according to his allegations.

Gantz had met with the US special envoy in the negotiations, Avi Berkowitz and the US ambassador to the occupation entity David Friedman yesterday morning to discuss the settlement program of the US government.

He will also meet with the Zionist Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi Berkovich today.

According to American sources, as reported by i24NEWS, the occupation will not take steps to expand its alleged sovereignty in the West Bank within the next week.

And the first of next July, is the date set by Netanyahu to start the process of annexing the Jordan Valley and all Israeli settlements, with an area of ​​up to 30% of the occupied West Bank, within the framework of the alleged US “deal of the century”.

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