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Friday August 7, 2020

The American occupation tries to curb the wrath of the clans with iron and fire!

The world – notebook

The American Army introduced a huge military convoy of 47 large trucks accompanied by 7 armored vehicles carrying the American flag to its illegal base in the (Western Dam and Life Stone Resort) in the vicinity of Hasaka on the international road M4 (In the section that extends from the center of the city of Hasaka – the town of Tal Tamr), coming from the illegal Al-Walid land crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The convoy is part of a large convoy of the American occupation that entered the city of Qamishli in the northeastern Hasaka countryside, yesterday evening Wednesday, consisting of dozens of trucks loaded with armored vehicles, cars, logistical and concrete materials, coming from the illegal Al-Waleed border crossing with Iraq, where part of it went to the American bases in the vicinity Al-Hasakah and the other section headed today, Thursday, to the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor that has gone out of the control of the American army and the “Qasd” militias loyal to it following a clan uprising that flared up after a series of assassinations of elders from the Akkidat and Bakara tribes.

The past two days have witnessed many hours of armed clashes that erupted after the “SDF” forces killed two civilians during their dispersal, with live ammunition, a demonstration against them in each of the towns of Al-Hawaij, Theban, and Al-Shuhail, adjacent to the oil well belt in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. Within hours, the tribes took control of all its headquarters, “SDF” in the aforementioned areas, and withdrew from it later, as a message to America on their ability to drive away SDF from the area.

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Although the demonstrators ’demands for“ SDF ”centered around the detection and accountability of perpetrators of the assassinations of tribal leaders and their elders. As the assassinations lasted for the past two weeks, Sheikh Suleiman Al-Kassar, a spokesman for the Akkidat tribe, and Mashthar Al-Havel, a senior sheikh of the tribe, and Sheikh Ali Al-Wais from the Bakara tribe, but the differences between the people of the countryside of Deir Al-Zour and “Qasd” did not start suddenly, so they have accumulations that started since the Kurdish forces arrived in The regions that make up the Syrian oil reservoir, and at the same time the center of tribal gravity. The residents there complain of mistreatment by “SDF” in addition to the poor living conditions and the absence of services and fuel.

It is clear that the new American rallies in eastern Syria come to establish their control over the most important oil wells and fields after the theft contracts that they concluded in cooperation with the QSD, especially as the tribes have proven their ability to influence the security and military scenes and expel the “QSD” militias from the region, in addition to America’s fear that Its bases and patrols become a target for the tribesmen in light of the armed reinforcements that the other tribes sent to the countryside of Deir Ezzor to support the people against “SDF”.

It is expected that the protests will escalate in the region that floats on wells from the oil fields in the event that the demands of the tribesmen are left unheard by America and “SDF” and it seems that America is preparing for this matter in the event that it is not able to bring the consent of the tribes after reneging its covenants to them, which is This puts the lives of its soldiers at risk, because the clans will not be silent if America uses its military power against it and will hunt American occupation soldiers until the last of them.

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