Learn about the address of the Saudi cultural attaché in America, information about it, its history, the tasks it provides, its departments, and the tasks of each annex, in addition to phone numbers and emails in order to continue communication with the attaché.

Have you ever heard of the so-called Saudi Cultural Attaché? Or is this term new to your ear?

What is this attachment? What services do you provide? What is the title of this supplement? How do I contact her if I want to inquire about her services?

We will answer these questions in this article, we will learn about them and the services they provide.

Address of the Saudi Cultural Attache in America

 Address of the Saudi Cultural Attache in America

This cultural attaché is located in the American capital, Washington, at the following address:

Washington, DC:

Hilltop Road Fairfax, VA 220318500

The Saudi Cultural Attaché to the United States of America is one of the specialized agencies established by the Saudi government in 1951 to administer programs and policies to meet the educational and cultural needs of Saudis studying in the United States of America.

It also acts as a mediator between American educational institutions and their counterparts in Saudi Arabia on issues related to culture, education, and science.

What are the tasks carried out by the Saudi Cultural Attaché?

The Saudi Cultural Attaché (SACM) implements the Saudi national education and training policies and does the following:

Providing them with qualified individuals capable of achieving the goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in progress and development.

Providing students with the best possible educational opportunities in America through the best educational institutions in the United States of America.

Support students academically and financially so that they can focus on achieving their academic goals.

Collect and disseminate information that reflects Saudi culture, traditions and heritage through permanent participation in academic, cultural and social activities.

Is the attachment separate? Or part of the embassy?

The Saudi Cultural Attaché is part of the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the American capital, Washington, under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Rima bint Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who is the Saudi ambassador to the United States of America.

As for matters related to administration, finance and student affairs, the mission reports directly to the Ministry of Higher Education there.

History of the attaché in America

– In 1956, the mission moved to its independent office in New York under the name of the Saudi Cultural Office in America to take care of the welfare of 48 students who were present in America at that time.

After that, in 1975, the office was moved to Houston, Texas, and its name was changed to the Saudi Educational Office to the United States of America.

In 1977 computers were introduced for the first time to deal with financial, administrative and academic matters.

– In the following year (1978) a branch office of the attaché was established in the city of Los Angeles.

The main office was moved from Houston to Washington, DC, in addition to the office that was in Washington DC and the Los Angeles branch office at the end of 1984, and thus it has three branches.

After that, three new branches were opened in cities (Denver, Chicago and Houston), but they were closed in 1987 to focus efforts on the original three branches.

After that, the main branches were merged in Washington, DC, and it was finally named the Saudi Cultural Attaché to the United States of America.

Working hours of the Saudi cultural attaché in America

The Saudi Cultural Attaché in America opens its doors at 9:00 a.m. and continues to work until 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).


The attaché works from Monday morning until Friday evening every week.

Its official holiday is Saturdays and Sundays.

Sections of the cultural attaché and the tasks and work of each attaché

 Address of the Saudi Cultural Attache in America

1- Cultural Attaché

The Cultural Attaché is responsible for following up the work of the departments, the way they work, and completing their tasks related to educational, cultural and scientific matters.

– This annex follows some of the departments that link the departments of the attaché to each other on the one hand, in addition to linking the cultural attaché to educational, scientific and cultural institutions located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with their counterparts in the United States of America.

The most important of these departments are:

Office of the Deputy Cultural Attaché.

The Information and Public Relations Office of the Cultural Attaché.

Law office and administration unit.

Quality and follow-up office.

2- Managing the affairs of scholarships and missionaries through missions

This department undertakes the task of supervising a number of units, namely:

Academic programs.

Occupational health programs.

Dependents and self-supported persons.

Financial dues.

3- Department of University Cooperation and Communication

This department also undertakes the task of controlling and managing the following units:

Strategic partnerships.

University relations.

4- Department of Social and Cultural Affairs

The Cultural and Social Affairs in the Cultural Attaché supervises the following units:

Career development for students.

Student Services Center.

Services provided by the Saudi Cultural Attaché in America

 Address of the Saudi Cultural Attache in America

The attaché provides a wide range of services to Saudi citizens who are sent to America, including:

public education services

The Cultural Attaché is responsible for the general education of the children of persons sent to America, where it always issues circulars for them to follow. In addition, it always publishes the requirements, papers and documents they need for education or enrollment in schools, starting from the nursery stage to the high school certificate.

Diploma Certificate Attestation

The attaché also certifies educational certificates for non-Saudis, and to do this You must send your documents to the Cultural and Sports Attaché by mail or contact one of the agencies listed below.

Knowing that the Saudi Cultural Attaché does not accept the delivery of any documents in person for authentication, but only via the following mail:

-Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission

University cooperation and communication

ATTN: University Relations

8500 Hill Top Rd.

Fairfax, Virginia 22031.

Passport Services

The Cultural Attaché also facilitates the process of services and obtaining passports, as it assists students who have a valid scholarship, and sponsored students and their families with the following tasks:

Extending the validity of passports for scholarship students and their families.

Issuing transit documents for scholarship students, their companions, and newborns.

A statement on the manner and conditions for applying for passport renewal.

For more instructions and conditions on how to apply for passport renewal, please contact Ms. Naela Al-Omari via the following email:

[email protected]

Or via phone number 571-327-2576.

Power of attorney services

Power of attorney services are processed at the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For more information, please visit the power of attorney services at:

Legal agency services.

How do I communicate with the attaché?

  • For academic enquiries, please contact:

E-mail[email protected]

Tel: 571-327-2408

  • For financial inquiries:

Financial dues

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: 571-327-2657

study fees

E-mail: [email protected] .

  • Cultural and social inquiry:

to inquire about Cultural and Social Affairs via:

Tel: 4860 – 422-571

or via email: [email protected]

  • Technical inquiry:

This is done via Information Technology Center via:

E-mail: [email protected]

Or by phone: 571-327-2691

  • -Administrative Affairs:

Tel: 571-327-2482

or via email: [email protected]

  • Emergency contacts:

In the event that there is an urgent situation or calls for an emergency, you can contact the emergency numbers at any time. These are the emergency phone numbers for citizens outside official working hours:



202-746-2888 (This number is for passports only).

– In the end, now you have a good idea about the Saudi cultural attaché in America, and we have passed over the most important information, and we have given you the address of this attache, and some of the services it provides.

In addition to providing you with the necessary numbers with e-mail addresses for communication, we also noted the emergency numbers for urgent cases, write them down with you in case you want to communicate with the attaché or if you want to visit it.

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