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Wednesday January 13, 2021

Tesla Close To Sales Of 500,000 Cars In A Year …

Tesla is close to achieving its target for 2020 and delivering 500,000 vehicles, with an official tally of 499,550 vehicles so far.

With two new Giga plants set to start operating later this year along with increased production in Shanghai due to high demand for the Model Y, Tesla will have no problem offering more than half a million vehicles in 2021.

The first Cybertrucks will also contribute to this, but CEO Elon Musk knows that this car is not for everyone, hence his previously announced intention to launch a model at a price of $ 25,000.

Some early reports claimed it would be a car intended only for China, but Reuters claims it has obtained exclusive information indicating otherwise.

Additionally, Tesla is currently looking for a design manager for the project in China.

This research appears to have been running quietly for four months, and the focus has been on “multicultural” candidates who have at least 20 years of design experience.


Most importantly, this individual will have to bridge the gap between Chinese and American design tastes.

While Tesla’s full plans for what a future Chinese design studio are still unknown, with the exception that Musk himself said last year it “would be very cool.”

“Because it will create a design and engineering center in China to design an original car for worldwide consumption,” he added.


Sources familiar with Tesla’s plans also indicate that, once this new chief designer is chosen, the automaker will then recruit that individual’s team with up to 20 people.

Every stage of Tesla’s new affordable global model will be designed in China, including clay (mud treatment) and 3D modeling.

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Last year, onethird of Tesla’s global sales came from China, a major factor behind the decision to create a major design center in the country, to give the car’s design more bias toward China.

They’ve already done a lot here, setting up a major industrial site and selling thousands of electric vehicles, but it looks like Tesla is ready to put their roots down.

The final design will then be transferred to Tesla Engineers in California. Expect the $ 25,000 Tesla to be a smaller compact car than the Tesla Model 3.

However, compact cars account for only 10 percent of new car sales in America. That number jumps to 25 percent in China.


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