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Monday January 25, 2021

Tesla accuses a former employee of stealing 26 thousand secret files!

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Tesla has filed a lawsuit against a former employee, accusing him of stealing 26,000 confidential files from his employment on December 28 until his dismissal a week later, following these incidents.

The company monitored prohibited downloads on January 6, 2021, while the informatics engineer who was working remotely due to the Corona pandemic confirmed that they are personal administrative files.

Numerous reports stated that the accused employee in the lawsuit was named Alex Khatilov. According to Agence France-Presse, Tesla summoned the aforementioned employee to a videoconference as soon as it monitored these downloads, accusing him of “seeking to destroy evidence.”

According to the text of the lawsuit, it confirmed, “Tesla“During the meeting, the engineer refused to allow the company to view the contents of his computer, as he was seen hastily removing information from his computer.

Then, at the request of Tesla officials who had summoned him, the man revealed his metadata on the “Dropbox” website, which allows storing electronic files over the Internet.

As a result, according to the lawsuit, it was found that “the same confidential files belonging to Tesla that were detected on his laptop were still present on his account for storage via cloud computing.

Tesla says that the downloads began on December 31, 2020 and continued until January 4, 2021, with “additional” downloads on January 6.

The group clarified that the downloaded electronic files “are not related to the responsibilities” of the former employee and deal with the automation of some manufacturing and commercial marketing paths, and therefore can benefit competitors “to create a similar system that is automated with a fraction of the time and money spent by Tesla to create it.”

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Tesla says that it expelled the aforementioned employee “on the same day” for discovering “the theft of trade secrets” of her own and “for his lies and repeated concealment of information during the investigation.”

For his part, the employee told the “New York Post” newspaper, saying that he had transferred these documents to his account in “Dropbox” by mistake.

Powered by electricity and fuel .. “London Taxi” in Dubai next month

Matar Mohammed Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Roads and Transport Authority, announced the launch of the Dubai Taxi Corporation, the trial operation of the London Taxi Service, which adopts a hybrid energy system: (electricity and fuel), and is characterized by a semi-arched exterior design, and its black color, and is one of the tourist and service attractions in The British capital, London. The Corporation will start operating the vehicle from next February, and the vehicle will be available at Dubai International Airport.

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