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Saturday April 4, 2020

Telegram launches several updates about the Corona virus

With the spread of the Corona virus, ministries of health started their activities on digital channels to raise awareness, among them was the Telegram app that launched today a set of new updates such as facilitating the authentication of accounts and other modifications about bots, groups and channels.

Telegram has been providing feature channels since 2015 and now it supports unlimited followers and can be used to publish content as messages, votes and files to reach hundreds of millions of users easily.

If you have an account authenticated on any other social network like Facebook and Twitter and want to document it on Telegram, you can use Company documentation bot To get the documentation badge on your channel, group, or even your bot.

Telegram sends notifications about its virus to all users in countries that have official channels to government agencies in order to prevent the spread of false and false information, and to ensure that users receive the awareness that concerns them from the correct sources.

And if you work for a health government agency like the Ministry of Health, you can contact telegram via [email protected] after authenticating your account to promote the account with users from your country and introduce them to it.

Also created Telegram Private channel It displays the highest search results for coronavirus and contains a list of official news sources about the virus and Covid-19, sorted by country.

Telegram encourages the use of channels that support up to 200,000 users to answer user questions from medical teams and hospitals. It also encourages the use of bots to provide pre-prepared answers and can be combined with other web services.

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Finally, Telegram presented a set of images related to the Corona virus, such as the design of the virus and the medical muzzles that can be attached to the photos, for the purpose of spreading the awareness as well.

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