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Sunday October 18, 2020

Tehran’s dispatch of its ambassador to Sanaa is evidence of Iranian-Yemeni cohesion + video

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In a direct interview with Al-Alam News Channel, Afqhi indicated that this step was supposed to be implemented some time ago, but the threats and obstacles that the American and the Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition put in place prevented the Iranian ambassador from reaching Sanaa before this period.

He pointed out that the ambassador’s presence, despite the risks of bombing, threats and siege, indicates Iran’s cohesion with Yemen and the steadfastness of the Iranian people and their leadership alongside the Yemeni people and their revolution.

He indicated that this presence will have effectiveness at the political and advisory level, expanding and consolidating relations between the two peoples and the two countries, and will shorten the distance and time in Iranian-Yemeni dealings at various levels.

In another aspect of the meeting, Al-Faqhi said: It is very painful to see some countries in the Arab League who claim brothers to Yemen turning their backs on the people whose skin is the Yemeni people, but entrenching themselves in the position of the enemy against the Yemeni people while Iran is taking the risk to stand by the Yemeni people and send an ambassador – not standing. Business – for her in these dangerous and critical circumstances to represent herself in Yemen at the highest levels in terms of developing human, commercial, industrial and cultural relations.

By doing so, he said, Iran wanted to “prove that legitimacy is in Sana’a, not in Aden.”

He added that this paradox proves that Iran’s compass is to stabilize the axis of resistance and expand the geography of the axis of resistance until the removal of the last foreign soldier from West Asia.

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He pointed out that Iran, with its long-standing experience and its foresight on the situation in Yemen and the region in general, could its ambassador in Sanaa play a positive role in coordinating first with the ambassadors of the resistance axis in Sanaa, and added: Iran has experience in the issue of dialogue, negotiation, rationality and wisdom, and through that it can make every effort. Its efforts and cumulative experiences to solve such a crisis.

For more, you have the attached video..

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