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Monday June 1, 2020

Tehran will continue its oil shipments to Venezuela if it requests more + video

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Continuing to challenge the embargo imposed on Venezuela, the fifth Iranian tanker crossed the seas and oceans and reached the shores of Venezuela, loaded with Iranian oil, in an open and clear challenge to American threats.

After sailing for more than three weeks, as it approached the Venezuelan international waters, parts of the Venezuelan naval forces escorted Claville to anchor later in an oil port to unload its gasoline.

After the five tankers that Tehran sent to Caracas completed their mission, the “Fortune” and “Forrest” fuel tankers sailed on their way to return to the Iranian ports after they unloaded the fuel last week from the Venezuelan state oil company.

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro renewed his thanks to the leadership and people of Iran, while the Venezuelan state oil company began supplying petrol stations with gasoline, stressing that the new fuel distribution plan is expected to include about one thousand five hundred and forty stations in the country. From this month, Venezuela will raise fuel prices, which until now have been almost free in this oil country, due to lower production.

Once again, Iran stresses the importance of relations with Venezuela and the countries that resist American tyranny, as Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi stressed that Iran will continue its oil shipments to Venezuela if Caracas requests more. Pointing out that his country is exercising its right to free trade with Venezuela, and to send tankers a legitimate international trade and natural right, adding that Washington did not bear that because it used to be arrogant and bullying, and this does not matter to Iran and Venezuela.

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Details in the attached video …

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