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Monday June 29, 2020

Techie bits technical group launches “consulting” technical consulting platform

Techie bits Tech Group announces the launch of the “Consulting Technical ConsultingWhich aims to link researchers seeking consultations with consultants and specialists in various technical fields, and to provide remote consulting.

The platform includes a number of technical consultants with expertise in various leading technical fields such as programming, security and protection, data science, artificial intelligence, application programming, ideas and emerging projects, and other technical areas.

Techie bits said in its statement about launching a consulting platform: “Because of the belief in the integration of expertise in technical fields and the need of entrepreneurs and emerging ideas for technical assistance, there are always those who can provide assistance, advice and good opinion.”

The platform allows consultants looking to determine the day and time of the consultation according to the times available in the consultant’s calendar, and then complete the appointment appointment and pay by the available online payment methods including; Mada, Master Card and Visa.

The beneficiary can inquire in advance about the experience of the consultant and take sufficient information about him before paying and confirming the reservation, in order to ensure that the appropriate counseling is obtained. It is also possible to comment and evaluate his experience after completing the consultation and thus familiarize the rest of the other users with the capabilities of the consultant.

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