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Thursday September 24, 2020

Takht Rawanji: Saudi Arabia is the source of instability in the region

World – Iran

This came in a statement by the Iranian delegate in response to the Saudi king’s accusations against Iran in his speech during the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, considering these accusations as baseless and totally rejected, and he said: Saudi Arabia is trying completely helpless by accusing others to divert attention from its dark and long past in the widespread support for terrorism Spreading extremist beliefs, spreading hypocrisy and hatred, taking destabilizing measures, and their crimes in the ongoing aggression against Yemen for 6 years.

He added: It has been fully proven that Saudi Arabia, as the source of instability in the region, was the main financier for Saddam, the dictator of Iraq in his eight-year war of aggression against Iran, during which he committed countless crimes, one of which was the use of chemical weapons against Iranian and Iraqi cities and citizens.

Takht Rawanji added: It has become quite clear today that the Saudi Wahhabi ideology is the main inspiration for the most dangerous terrorist groups such as “ISIS” and Al Qaeda, and that this country (Saudi Arabia) is the main financier for these groups with its oil dollars.

Iran’s representative at the United Nations added that another prominent example of Saudi Arabia’s destabilizing regional measures is its massacres and its arbitrary practices in its 6-year-old aggression against Yemen, which has only resulted in the killing of women and children, the destruction of homes, mosques, schools, and hospitals, and even the targeting of funerals and weddings.

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He added: These crimes against Yemeni children were so severe that the United Nations Organization included Saudi Arabia in the list of countries that kill children in the world, although it was later removed from this list for completely unprofessional reasons.

Takht Rawanji said: Despite all these crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in clear violation of international laws that require international responsibility, it continues, in a completely inhumane step, to use the famine tool as a method of war, as well as preventing the sending of fuel, food and medicine to the people of Yemen.

The Iranian ambassador concluded that security and peace are not achieved through reliance on foreign powers that seek only to achieve their interests and sell their weapons, but rather through sincere dialogues in partnership with the countries of the region on the basis of mutual respect and adherence to the basic principles of international laws, and indicated that the Islamic Republic of Iran proposed a project. Peace is “hope” for establishing peace and stability in the Persian Gulf region, calling on Saudi Arabia to respond positively to such a request for the sake of a comprehensive regional dialogue.

In his speech before the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, the Saudi king directed empty accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran, claiming that it is adopting subversive and tense policies in the West Asian region and interfering in the affairs of Arab countries, according to his claim.

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