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Monday September 28, 2020

Take the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 at a discounted rate

The era of Windows 7 is over, so you can upgrade to Windows 10 at a reduced price now with an additional discount code of up to 20% through the world-famous G2Deal site, which offers reliable copies at very reasonable prices and is not reactivated copies or previously activated in a company, unlike Ebay, for example.

These Windows 10 discounts come within the Super Summer Sale campaign offered by the site on all original Microsoft products and their codes, this means that the discounts also include a set of Office software in the 2016 and 2019 versions and also activate the different versions of Windows on more than one device with the same Serial Number.

Of course, when you compare these prices with the official Microsoft prices for the products, you will find that the reduction reaches more than 90% of the original price and more than 20% of the price previously shown on the site.

What is G2DEAL?

G2DEAL is an electronic selling platform dedicated to the sale of Serial Numbers for digital products, provided that the codes are official, original and approved by the company, and this includes a set of Windows 10 software in all its versions, in addition to office software, Xbox One games, computer games, antiVirus programs as well and more other options.

Through this article, we will offer you some of the discounts that are specially chosen with a special code on our site at the end of the article to get a very special and special discount.

Sales of Windows 10 and other products:

Here is a set of the most important discounts that we have previously chosen from the approved and trusted G2DEAL website from all the codes sold from within it:

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Discount code:

The following code offers you an additional 20% discount on the discount already present on the site and the already existing offers, remember that this discount code belongs to your site, know

Discount code: AR20

Do not worry about using the site or adding your credit card to the site, as the site offers special protection approved by Master Card, SSL and UCredit Pro to maintain the confidentiality of your bank data and the data that you will use to purchase products.

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