Taha Suleiman, this young Sudanese artist, who made his name shine in the world of Sudanese song and won the hearts of Sudanese fans to become one of the most prominent young Sudanese singers, reminds him of his strong response to one of the Arab artists who ridiculed the beauty of Sudanese girls and sang a song to flirt with the beauty of the Sudanese girl, which is a song Our honey girls.

Among the songs sung by Taha Suleiman is the song “Les Hayatuna” and its lyrics are as follows:

Why did our life choose someone else?

Where our dreams and our dreams

It has our little needs

How does a photo cover an image?

We want you, my lord Chloe

Your past must remain

What did you find new?

You responded from needs by sayings

And you are not near my safety

I was unable to take longer

Is it possible to probe your ego?

Is he visiting you in dreams?

Nor does he really know

Rida and Osoula game

Is it true elegant and well-groomed?

Are your eyes crying?

If you know what you regret

On long harsh nights

Congratulations, good one

You sell feelings

What is sight without insight?

And the original is what remains of a picture

And one of his most famous songs is the song of alienation, and its lyrics are as follows:

If you know the meaning of longing

If you know how I miss

The longing of exile, my love, is cruel to lovers… Burning

If you knew my eagerness for you, I would not miss the tenderness of your eyes

And the good days are with you, and the smile between your lips

I swear my love for you, my love, about you, I will not forget parting

The longing of exile, my love, is cruel to lovers… Burning

If you experience longing with nostalgia, if you live the days with years

If you write a letter in exile, all its letters will bring tears to the eye

If you spend the night staying up, you know the meaning of longing

The longing of exile, my love, is cruel to lovers… Burning

And finally, let’s review the lyrics of the song Forgiving Lake:

I forgave you, your stinger with me

You walked through my faults

Far from your silence

Your origin is impossible to do justice to Hawaii

Once upon a time, I could

And always, I just live with you

I fought with you, asking for your satisfaction

You just don’t care about my satisfaction

I am forgiving to you, Mina

I forgave you without words

I forgave you because of my heart

Love I don’t know quarrel

Just what do you mean by coming back?

The days of love return

Aslo, I don’t think he will return

I just prefer peace between us

Taha Soliman’s songs lyrics